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Vbeam created new veins/redness

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  • Vbeam created new veins/redness

    I think this subforum is quite dead but I'm going to try it anyway. 4 months ago I had my second vbeam session and unintentionally my left cheek got bruised.
    It left a dark bruise that stopped fading after 1 month. I am left with a pink / reddish stain and my dermatologist told me that is because that area has (still?) more (new?) blood veins. The knows this by doing some tests. It's really the veins that make this area discoloured.

    The only thing I could do to improve it is another (gentle!) vbeam session. What would you recommend?

    Any responses would be very helpful!

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    Just stop with the laser treatments, it won't do anything to get rid of the redness. It's a grift. All you can do is accept it. Everything else is just a money grab.


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      I think there are a couple of relevant questions.

      Did the first two treatments otherwise help?

      How confident do you feel about this dermatologist? Vbeam has been great for me but it's important to work with a skilled operator who owns and maintains their own equipment.

      A lot of doctors are doing laser on the side or don't specialize in rosacea laser treatment. I don't want them learning on my face.

      Normally you'd want to slowly build up intensity over a course of treatments. It sounds like this doctor might have used too strong settings on the second treatment and now wants to back off. That might be a bad sign.