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Heat and light issues after PDL

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  • Heat and light issues after PDL

    I had a test patch and then one mild bruising PDL treatment which healed within 4 weeks, and I then had a non-bruising treatment with the same person. I then had a third bruising treatment with a different dermatologist who increased the fluence and spot size but he didn’t do a test patch first to ensure it was safe. The treatment resulted in massive swelling, burns and scabbing, and the dermatologist then applied a very potent steroid to treat it which then also severely burnt my face.

    Roll on 7 months and I still have about 60% of the red laser marks on my face. They’re extremely sensitive to heat and light (my face now burns indoors on mildly warm/sunny days) and the flush has gotten about 80% worse than prior to treatment. Angiogenesis is also occurring between the laser marks and new vessels are being created on the surface of the skin.

    This is obviously an absolute nightmare that’s been caused by a poor dermatologist. My question is, has anyone has heat and light sensitivity after PDL and did it ever go away? Or do you think my skin is now forever damaged?

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    My rosacea was also caused by laser treatment ( vbeam). Those machines are so dangerous in the wrong hands.
    So my advice to you is to focus on rebuilding your skin barrier and try different meds to stop the burning and flushing ( Duloxetine/ MSM/ LDN/ Telfast etc.)


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      I'm sorry you have to go through such torment.


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        I'm sorry you have to go through such torment. This often happens to people who choose to have dermatological treatments at cheap specialists or are not certified in the field.


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          Thanks for the replies guys, I really appreciate it.

          It’s now over 10 months since the bruising PDL treatment and my skin isn’t any further on in healing. The damage that the dermatologist did to my face is horrendous. I had it done by a consultant dermatologist working privately at the Royal Free hospital in London but he clearly didn’t have enough experience. Absolute nightmare.


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            How are things going out for you now? Are things getting better?


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              It’s over a year and a half now and there are still red marks all over my face. I found out the dermatologist actually used an Nd:YAG laser (without my knowledge), combined with the PDL. The red marks are apparently post-inflammatory erythema and new vessel formation and the nerves have been damaged. The dermatologist tried to remove the red marks with IPL when my skin was already severely damaged, so those made it even worse too.

              If you have laser treatment ensure you go somewhere with good reviews and extremely experienced doctors. Ensure you test patch too and check if they’ve changed the settings and added in other lasers as they clearly don’t always tell you. I only had laser to treat flushing and ended up seeing the worst dermatologist in history!!