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Anyone had experience with Quadrostar pro yellow or Dual yellow laser?

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  • Anyone had experience with Quadrostar pro yellow or Dual yellow laser?

    I am in London UK, I have my flushing under control with ipl but I have been left with broken capillaries down one side of my nose that the ipl just could not seem to eliminate (looks rediculous), so I am now looking into the Quadrostar pro yellow or the Norseld dual yellow laser to get rid of them.

    I am looking for advice from people who have had treatment with either of these lasers and what their outcomes were (effective / left marks / burns etc).

    I have so far tried yag laser (ended up with hypopigmentation for over a year and the veins came back), V beam perfecta (made the Veins on the test patches darker and made the surrounding skin really white so the veins stand out even more), and most recently Veingogh (which is truly awful, created more veins and left me with indentations).


    I am really fed up and just want to draw a line under this now and get on with my life.

    Any help / advice on this would be very much appreciated!


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    Hi Contactmc, I have had a couple of treatments with a dual yellow laser (not sure what make). It was fairly good at removing small blood vessels. Some disappeared totally with one treatment, some took a couple of treatments. However, I will say it has not permanently removed all vessels around my nose. These are hard to treat apparently. Side effects included very small scabs in a few places that went in 10 days and increased flushing for a few weeks. I want to return for more sessions but it is expensive. I would rather have a treatment with the Quadrostar but there aren't any in the UK yet that I know about. Best of luck.

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      Many thanks....good to know about the scabs...that's how I ended up with marks after yag and veingogh....its annoying as they say the laser does not harm the outer layer of skin, and I myself have had a treatment with yag laser before with zero side effects (my first ever laser treatment for caps)...but every treatment I have had since that one has been a complete disaster. I swear these practitioners are doing it on purpose to create more problems for you so they make more money.

      Anyone else have experience with these lasers?

      Also recommendations for practitioners who you have been to for successful removal of broken capillaries without side effects.



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        I had several norseld treatments last year. Good at removing individual capillaries but did nothing for diffuse redness


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          Thanks for your reply, that's what I wanted to redness and flushing are under control now, its the broken capillaries I need to get fixed now.
          How was it after your treatment?
          Did you have any down time / crusting / marks left by the laser?


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            Yes, the spots where individual capillaries were hit scabbed over, and slight swelling and increased redness in whole face. Generally calmed down in the next day or two, downtime was minimal. I wasn't impressed because my main problem was diffuse redness with only a handful of big individual capillaries. If the capillaries are your only concern this may work well for you


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              Many thanks for taking the time, very much appreciated!