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    Has anyone had treatments with the excel v laser ? If so what was your outcome ?

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    Hi, I haven't had the Excel V treatment, but I'm considering it.

    I've read some good things about it. Some docs think that it's better than Vbeam, so am curious. I've been having a series of IPL treatments, but think I may have hit a wall with results - so would like to finish up with something else.

    Are you considering this laser?


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      Yes I am considering the excel v due to the fact they claim it has great results in one treatment I am located on south Florida and was really looking for s doctor that did multiple pass IPL treatments so far all the doctors I have found are resigned to doing quick single pass IPL I had wonderful results with multiple pass IPL treatments in the past ( 10 years ago ) but since the rosacea has returned and my old doctor no longer does laser .


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        I know what you mean. I haven't encountered anyone who does triple pass IPL. It's a bummer.

        I watched this video on YouTube.

        It's a doctor in Destin, FL talking about Excel V and doing a procedure. I've seen this doctor often providing advice on

        I have diffuse redness, not the more obvious vessels. What about you?

        The Excel V seems to get high marks. Just hard to know. I don't know anyone who's used that laser. There's an old post that talks about Excel V.

        That's what first intrigued me.


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          The past

          In the past I hand an excellent doctor actually sometimes the esthetician did the treaemts located in Tampa but they turned into a weight loss clinic!!! I had 5 sessions multiple pass and a few maintenance and had 90 percent clearance I work in cold wind in Alaska so symptoms have returned I am trying to find s doctor that will treat multiple levels of the skin ( triple pass)
          I have had 0 success finding any on Florida so I am looking into other options excel v looks promising


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            Keep posting asking bout triple pass south floridia

            But still would like to find a doctor that is experienced in triple pass I'm Florida


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              This is a neat video of the Excel V:

              You can see the blood vessel disappear.

              That would be great for the few spider veins around my nose. But I wonder about diffuse redness. The descriptions I see about the laser say it treats diffuse redness, but I wish I knew for sure. I'm going to ask my laser derm about it.


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                I have

                I have deep redness and swelling around cheeks and nose area is that diffuse redness?


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                  Hi, diffuse redness is where you can't see visible blood vessels on the skin - unlike spider veins or telangectasia. It can be more challenging to eradicate. Some believe IPL is better suited to treat it vs vbeam. I have that all over my face after many full-face flushes. Also have darker blotches on cheeks.


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                    The same

                    What you described is pretty much what I have and red all over face the worst in the cheek area Multiple pass IPL treatments 7 was able to correct about 80 % of the problem for ten years !!! Unfortunately the doctor who did it turned into a weight loss doctor and doesn't do lasers s anymore. I have recently tried other doctors with poor results compared to the dr Bitter trained doctor I used before all the ones I e used lately just do a quick single pass !!! It's so frustrating I know it can be done right and probl
                    Can be fixed but just can't connect with the right doctor!!'


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                      People are fixed

                      I stopped coming on these boards once I had such great results perhaps that's why no one is answering with a great doctor referral because they aren't on the board anymore!!!!


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                        Too bad you can't get the weight loss dr to head on over to a derm's office and do the IPL treatment for old time's sake!


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                          I think that laser parameters for Cutera Excel V are too low. I will show you some parameters to compare.
                          Laser settings of Iridex Gemini; 10 mm, 30 msec, 6-9 J/cm.
                          Cutera Excel V; 10 mm, 8-15 ms, 6-9 J/cm². Iridex Gemini even recommend 4-5mm spot size, more energy and even 40msec pulse duration.
                          Check; page 8
                 page 8
                          Both lasers are KTP 532nm with cooling. I think that Cutera Excel V will be the best laser for rosacea with higher prameters such as Gemini laser.