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And The Vbeam Begins :) 1st treatment today

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  • And The Vbeam Begins :) 1st treatment today

    Its been a while since i have been on here (last time being w/ my mirvaso pictures), however my rosacea is still present everyday. I noticed lately that my nose was starting to acquire more and more spider veins so I decided to go get vbeam (perfecta). Now i have had vbeam and IPL in the past for a facial scar (which helped) but never for spider veins and redness. Its been about 2 hours since i had the treatment and I look like i have a sunburn in the spots treated. She did my whole nose and partially into my cheeks.. We also tested some spots on my cheek (the noticeable spots) since this isn't quite as noticeable as parts of my nose.

    Settings where:

    Spot size 7
    pulse width 6
    energy 7

    As for pain, i thought it wasn't bad at all, especially on the actual zap.. As time went on I could feel an underlying stinging, but nothing worth noting about. I had zero bruising but am definitely more red in the treated areas. The parts on my cheeks that we tested look like little red spots. The derm took a few pictures before getting starting and plans to take more before each treatment. I will ask for copy of these and gladly post so people can see the results. As for now I'll just keep you posted with whats going on regularly


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    Day 2 : Redness has subsided and there is no more swelling. Im back to my base color with maybe a tiny improvement.. However, I know it takes weeks to see the final result so my fingers are crossed and I'm not coming to any conclusions yet.. Next time ill likely go for a more aggressive setting though


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      I hope the best for you!
      Keep us posted!


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        Day 3: I notice the area where i was treated is a bit sore and can kinda feel that my skin is more reactive in that area. Nothing thats unbearable, but it is noticeable. So far no results as of yet. I do notice that where i once had more defined spider veins in certain places, a general redness has taken over those areas and the veins aren't really defined anymore.. Not sure if this is what happens when they are damaged / destroyed. Anyways, ill keep this going with updates so people can see how I reacted to the vbeam. Its still super early so I can't really say if i had any success or not yet.


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          Day 6: Less reactive now.. and I'm down to my base color. I would say maybe a 5% improvement but its really hard to tell still at this point. I do notice however that my skin is a little more flaky / peeling in the areas treated (not sure if this is normal or not). Ill keep more updates as I get closer to really determining if there where any results..

          If anyone is interested my routine it is as follows

          Nighttime : Cerave hydrating cleanser, followed by Cerave PM moisturizer
          Morning : A small amount of Cerave moisturizer followed by Eucerin Redness Relief sp15


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            Day 9: Skin is back to normal with no reactive pain anymore. I would say at this point i have not seen any improvement as far as redness and blotchiness goes. Basically back to my base color. Its still early in the process so results may come over the next few weeks.

            On the positive side I feel like my flushing has improved in the areas treated. My nose for example seems less sensitive and more comfortable. It also looks like the texture in the treated areas has improved a bit (smaller pores)..

            Ill post back at week two to note whether any improvements in color have taken place.