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VBeam Settings for Diffuse Redness - Non Purpuric

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  • VBeam Settings for Diffuse Redness - Non Purpuric

    It seems that a typical non purpuric treatment of diffuse redness is about:

    Fluence: 6-9 J/cm^2
    Spot Size: 10 mm
    Pulse Width: 10 ms

    I have had a few test areas at pulse width of 6ms and 3ms and they can be purpuric. Similarly, if you increase the energy level this can happen as well.

    For non purpuric, is the goal to get as close to purpuric as possible, without going over? I would think so since the downtime between the two is significantly different.

    I am going for some additional VBeam (only had a little bit done and it wasn't really successful). But now I am thinking I need to try again with several treatments. I want to start with non purpuric and optimize the results. Looking for other protocols that have worked. Thanks

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    I appreciate the info. Thanks.