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    Hi Dr Crouch, I hope all is well with you and your family. Thank you for taking the time and energy to do another Q and A with us. Your thoughtfulness is much appreciated by the RF.

    Are there any new or exciting treatments on the horizon for rosacea? Anything that has potential that might be coming up in the near (or distant) future?

    Thanks again Dr Crouch.

    Kind regards,


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      Hi Dr Crouch,

      Thank you very much for again taking the time to answer our questions.

      A derm I saw strongly invited me do have IPL done for my flushing but when I asked him about the risks, he answered that there were none. I asked a second one, who gave me the same answer. I, of course, know that there are risks and i would like to know if there is a type of skin which is more vulnerable to lazer treatment and in which case you would avoid doing lazer treatments. I am very scared of having it done as my skin is very thin and sensitive. I fear excessive swelling and fat loss . I mainly flush with going from cold to hot temp., emotional stress, eating, heat and have a few P&P's. I've had quite some sunburnts during my teenage years.

      Thanks again for your help.

      With my kind regards.


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        Hello Dr Crouch,

        Once again thanks for taking the time to read and reply to these questions, your views and experience are priceless.

        I forgot to ask in my earlier post - IPL is also advertised as a treatment for hair removal, if I were to have IPL treatment for my rosacea, which currently affects my cheeks, would I no longer be able to grow facial hair in this area or is the IPL set at a different setting for Rosacea IPL treatments?

        Sorry if it sounds like a silly question!

        Thanks again


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          Help for burning

          Hello Dr. Crouch,

          I have very sensitive skin which is dry and my face burns a lot (but does not always turn red). I have some mild redness on my cheek that seems to be always there but it is barely recognizable. Is there a laser that you would recommend for the burning or could it possibly make it worse?

          Also, I am having a difficult time finding a doctor who does laser in my area despite the fact that I live in a city that has great hospitals. It seems like most office have physician assistants who do the lasers. Would it be best for a doctor to do the treatment?

          I appreciate your time and help!


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            We will be closing this thread at the weekend so any more questions please post them up.


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              Hello Dr Crouch

              Thank you again for answering our questions.

              I was just curious to know what advise you give for sun protection to your patients that had IPL or PDL treatments? I'v had PDL treatments last fall and I'm going on vacation on a cruise next month. I don't want to ruin the results I got with my treatments. Is our skin more sensitive to the sun after we had this kind of treatments? Some say yes, some say no...

              Thanks again!



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                Hi, Dr. Crouch.

                I've not been concretely been diagnosed with rosacea, however I clearly have symptoms that would point to it being that. I'm going to have laser treatment next month, and I'm curious to if that does help, is that evidence that I have rosacea, and if not, how will the doctor determine if I actually have rosacea? She has looked at all my symptoms but have not yet diagnosed me. It's frustrating to not get an actual diagnosis because I've had the symptoms for so long, what would you suggest do next to find out if it is rosacea? I'm 20 years old and there for my doctors have doubts, because apparently it's very, very rare to get at my age? Also; I have relatively mild redness and my doctor has said that laser treatment would take away the redness by 50% at best, is that true in all cases?

                Thanks in advance!
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                  Hi Dr Crouch,

                  Would you recommend YAG laser for dealing with flushing after eating? This has become a persistent trigger for me. I am currently taking propranalol which does not seem to be helping with this aspect.

                  Any help much appreciated, thanks for your time.


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                    It's just a bit late but here are the answers ...