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Can V-beam CAUSE permanent redness?

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  • Can V-beam CAUSE permanent redness?

    I know it seems counter-intuitive, but this is seriously a concern of mine. Three weeks ago I underwent a bruising treatment for some red marks. They have gradually faded from purple to red to pink EXCEPT one area of a rather large red mark which has not faded much from it's red state even in the past week.

    Today I spoke to my derm, and he said not to worry too much, however, I told him I've heard of horror stories where the v-beam actually does the OPPOSITE of what it's suppose to and cause permanent redness. When I asked him that, I believe his response was "it happens" or "it can happen" or something scary like that. But HOW, how can that be? How can a laser intended to remove redness actually leave you with more? I can understand more brownness (hyperpigmentation caused by leftover iron from when the vessels burst), but more REDNESS? Wouldn't that require even more blood vessels in order for it to appear redder?

    I'm trying my best not to become hysterical and lose it, but it's scary when you think about it as a serious consequence, especially when an area hit by the laser is no longer fading back to - not even better - but simply what it USED to be, which was frustrating enough.

    Thoughts? Comments? Reassurance?

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    Hi there

    With the Vbeam you cannot expect to see quick results.... especially with the purpuric treatment. In saying that, I had non-purpuric treatment about 5.5wks ago and at this stage, on some days I am still getting a few random little pink patches that come and go during the course of the day. Also, my texture is a little different, and I have experienced some dryness/peeling which is unheard of for me because my skin is natrually combo/oily. I know it is nothing to worry about, it is all part of the healing process. Also take into consideration that some people heal fast and some heal slow. I have always been a slow healer so I knew to expect it before undergoing treatment.

    I think being only 3 weeks into healing it is too early to make a judgement on your skin. My Derm said give it at least 8 weeks before making a judgement... possible even 12 weeks if you are a slow healer. And remember, I had the non-purpuric treatment which doesn't cause bruising and I experienced only a few hours downtime with no swelling... so technically your final results may take that long or longer to show as well.

    Best, Shantelle

    31 Year old female from NZ


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      Thank you for your response Shantelle

      Right now I am kicking myself in the ass for doing this treatment. I mean, I don't blame myself for wanting it, I had two before and the first caused redness and the second one caused some bruising, but everything seemed back to normal within 2 weeks or so. I just can't bare the thought of having made it worse, I honestly don't know what I'll do if that's the case. I mean it just makes me so scared because it's like this one area within the red mark that is not fading now, but the WHOLE mark was bruised, so it makes me nervous that this area (which is big enough that it makes the whole mark just look terrible) has randomly just stopped healing. What can be happening? Honestly, if this passes and everything turns out ok, I don't know if I would get a fourth, I mean every treatment is very emotional for me since these marks have had a devastating impact on my life, but all that is usually over with in just slightly over 2 weeks.


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        I don"t believe in horror stories if the vbeam cause
        more redness. It"s destroying only the red blood vessels
        and not the good one.


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          I know it doesn't make sense, I mean more browness could happen, but more red doesn't make sense. However, I am still scarred because I know I read somewhere someone saying it did it, and also my derm saying "it happens" makes me even more nervous.


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            Originally posted by lilbitworried View Post
            I know it doesn't make sense, I mean more browness could happen, but more red doesn't make sense. However, I am still scarred because I know I read somewhere someone saying it did it, and also my derm saying "it happens" makes me even more nervous.
            Some of the redness may be compensatory hyperreactivity in surrounding blood vessels in response to less perfusion from laser-damaged blood vessels. It would make sense if you assume the body tries to make up for what it perceives as lacking. I wonder if the laser did a better job in nixing some vessels more than others to cause this.

            I also think that you being worried, while understandable, can contribute to the increased redness. I often notice that prolonged anxiety can play a number on my face, so try to avoid this.

            Things will certainly get better overtime, they usually do when a major incident happens! So don't lose hope. You may want to camouflage with some tinted makeup in the mean time. After a few days-weeks, you can reassess how to go forward. Topicals, or corrective laser treatment...


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              Ugh. This is such a scary feeling. I've barely gotten any sleep these past few nights. How can I when I fear I may have made things permanently worse? I know, I know, everyone says I am over reacting, but I can't help it, this area has just stopped fading.

              I mean the treatment was strong; bruising, with a tiny little scab in one area of it, which turns out to be part of the area that is still redder now, but there was no blistering. I mean, I REALLY hope this fades, but everyday I lose a little more hope and feel a little more hopeless.

              If this makes things permanently redder, I don't know what I'll do. My derm seem so non-nonchalant about that whole part, of it happens. It happens? This is my face, I can't be like "oh it happens and now it is permanently redder. No big deal."

              I mean is this normal? Can a certain area of a bruise hang around longer and then fade? Has this ever happened? Honestly, if you were in my shoes, would you be worried?


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                I woke up this morning And THE redness is not
                fading down. I don"t get it why The 3 treatments before had only
                à downtime of 2,5 weeks. My cheeks are warm now and it is like i
                have THE hole time flushing. It is worse than before THE treatment.

                I just don"t get it why it is so red now.


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                  I know how you feel, I haven't gone to a mirror yet today but I know from last night that it's still worse. How many weeks has it been since your treatment? How much worse does it look? Is it bright red or like a reddish-brown color?


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                    Tomorrow its almost 4 weeks ago.
                    It is Bright red now and this is not
                    normal how it should be at this moment.
                    I Hope my skin is reacting stressfull ore

                    You describe you have some red Marks, or is
                    your hole cheek red/Brown. ?


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                      Originally posted by Statham View Post
                      Tomorrow its almost 4 weeks ago.
                      It is Bright red now and this is not
                      normal how it should be at this moment.
                      I Hope my skin is reacting stressfull ore

                      You describe you have some red Marks, or is
                      your hole cheek red/Brown. ?

                      I know exactly what you guys are talking about. I hate to tell you this...but I had a VBEAM (bruising) over 3 months ago. I was left with brown/red marks (solid) over both cheeks - about 4-5 inches in diameter. The brown has faded some (not all) - but the red marks are still very much there. It is so much worse than before the treatment. I, too, don't understand it. My derm says not to worry about the red marks as it can be treated with additioinal non-bruising lasers. I am waiting for all the brown to fade and then will have no choice but to proceed with more laser treatment. I look like a freak and the red marks are EXACTLY where the laser hit - so it looks like track marks or cat whiskers. Crazy. I wish I had never done this.


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                        Hellow jbl2010

                        i have no Brown spots but only general redness
                        The redness is spreaded on The places were the hit
                        i see no spots ore something. Was this your first treatment
                        And for what kind of problem?

                        Diffuse/general redness or rosacea?
                        Can you send an photo of it?

                        Kind regards


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                          what was your treatment like the first few days? Did you have any scabbing or blisters? Have things gradually improved? Your derm saying not to worry about the redness, did he give a reason as to why you were staying red in those areas?


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                            Fearing the worst, hating this

                            I've been doing a lot... A LOT... of research as part of my panic from my v-beam three weeks ago. I'm looking to find the potential permanent side effects of the v-beam. My derm tried to reassure me but I was so scarred when I said "I read horror stories where people say it makes them redder and it just stays that way." and he said "it happens". What the hell? How can a laser make you permanently redder when it aims to reduce your redness? I see no change in the skin tissue, just the color. I just feel so ****. I should have left well enough alone. I mean my bruises (I was treated for red marks from another laser a few years back) were fading, it was all going so well, then suddenly, like a quarter of the bruise just STOPPED fading.

                            Has anyone experienced this, like some of the bruise (singular) goes, but then at one point some of it just remains? Does this ever fade? What does it mean? I mean if the whole thing was bruised, then it goes from purple, to red, to like noticeably reddish-brownish, why would a part of it just stay like that while the rest goes back to like original color (in my case, pinkish)

                            I picture no improvement. I just want things to go back to the way they were. These red marks are ruining my life and have been for 3 years, and the only reason I've been getting v-beamed is cause the red marks would look pink but could then become noticeably red. The thought that this third treatment, aimed at helping me, could possibly make everything I had worse, when I barely had any confidence before, is just to much to bear... sigh...


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                              I had à little research on The internet and
                              could Find nothing strange about THE vbeam
                              treatments were people have permanent redness
                              After THE vbeam.

                              Don"t worry to much. Thats what your body feels and
                              it blocks The healing progress.

                              I try to make The best of it now. I feel THE stress
                              gives me more and more negative energy
                              thats not à good way so i met some friends this evening
                              and i feel more good energy