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IPL setting off rosacea

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  • IPL setting off rosacea

    I've searched for this and couldn't find anything... if you know of a topic and can point it out, please do! Have asked about this in the lllt forum but didn't really phrase it well.

    My rosacea used to be contained on my cheeks and could be painful but nothing like it is now. After one gentle ipl which saw a bit of improvement in the week afterwards, one a little more aggressive which meant I flushed quite badly (although not like this) and a much harsher one at settings which were apparently the highest the nurse could take it for almost 200 passes over my face, I flush far worse than I did before.

    So could my problem be that ipl is bad for me? The first one actually saw an improvement, which makes me think no. Or did I just have an overzealous practitioner? And if the latter is the case, is this damage permanent or can vbeam, nd:yag and a more gentle ipl help me in any way?


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    This is certainly a topic that comes around every now and again. Your rosacea could have been set off because you are a) just sensitive to this type of treatment b) it caused something like a seb derm flair which has caused you to flush more c) the nurse over did it somewhat on the strengh and number of passes or d) it is just part of the normal healing process.

    Many people do experience increased flushing post laser/IPL. How long has it been since treatment? Does it feel any different?

    If you dont think the IPL has brought on a seb derm flair my advice would be to watch and wait for now, as the weeks go by your skin/rosacea should recover.

    I do not believe that harsh/strong treatments are any good for rosaceans. Trying to blast it into submission doesnt normally work and so my advise would be to hold fire for now and maybe research where else you could go if you want to continue with treatment. 200 passes seem alot of passes for IPL.


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      It's been about six weeks since the last ipl and I've never had seb derm. I used to have quite oily skin with lots of blackheads but these days the most it can muster is an oily t zone. In retrospect 200 passes seems ridiculous, but the nurse has had a lot of success treating people with rosacea over the years so I figured I'd let her do her thing. Does having ipl on a severe flush increase the chances of a bad outcome? I had that happening on the day too.


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        I think you should remain positive, at six weeks post IPL your rosacea may still need time to calm back down.

        Flushing whilst having IPL/laser used to be a big topic of debate. Having lots of visible redness might mean the IPL has more to target but also might mean more 'downtime'. I would give it another month or two before really trying to judge the final result.