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  • IPL in San Francisco bay area?


    This is my first post to the forum, though I have been following it for quite awhile. I have had rosacea subtype 1 (vascular) for nearly 20 years now (I am 35, started when I was about 16). I have run through the gamut of treatments in the last 20 years, from OTC creams and supplements, to prescribed antibiotics, to various skin care products. More recently (last year), I underwent 5 Vbeams at my most recent derm's office and, prior to that (3 years ago), 20 IPLs at a local medspa. Nothing has helped erase the permanent redness on my cheeks and nose the slightest bit.

    I am on clonazepam now, which has reduced my flushing greatly, and I avoid all triggers (don't drink, smoke, spend time in the sun, take hot baths, etc., etc.). So I feel like at least the flushing/blushing is somewhat improved.
    My question, then, is this:
    I would like to try IPL again, as it seems that many people on the forum have experienced success with this addressing base redness (which is what I am left with now). I think I made a mistake in having mine done at a medspa. But I don't know how to find someone who knows what they are doing. I am in northern CA, between Sacramento and San Francisco, and am wondering if anyone can point me to a derm with whom they have had IPL success with in either of these geographical areas.

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    Hi Tabs,
    Welcome to the RF
    Here is some info you might find helpful

    Best wishes,


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        Thanks, Melissa. I look forward to making an appointment with Dr. Welsh.


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          You're welcome

          Good luck!
          Let us know how it goes.


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            Hi -

            I've seen Dr. Welsh and she is great. She can book up quickly; you may have a short wait time. And only see her for laser - she is the most experienced. I had her for my 1st Vbeam and told her to be conservative, which she was. The 2nd one was by her RNP - didn't like the result. Had some "pin dot" hyper-pigmentation following. Not sure what happened. So, only go to her if you are getting laser/treatment. Another very good Dr. is Dr. Vic Narukar - an aesthetician I went to previously highly recommended him. He has good reviews on the internet. He only does laser treatments himself - and he's very experienced. If you go to his website you will see he's been involved in studies and 1st to perform specific laser treatments.

            Good luck and let us know how it goes.

            Kind regards,


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              I can recommend Dr. Bitter Jr. in Los Gatos.
              KNOWLEDGE = POWER


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                laser in sf

                If you want IPL, the best person is Dr. Bitter Sr. in Los Gatos. I had many treatments done by him and for a long time it was very helpful. However, for some reason, IPL stopped helping me.

                I did some research and ended up seeing Dr. Welsh in SF for vbeam Perfecta txs. The Perfecta txs have helped me after the IPL had stopped. I like Dr. Welsh a lot. She's super smart, knowledgable about lasers, and caring. Also, the txs are much faster than IPL and reasonably priced.

                I like Dr. Bitter, Sr., too, if you prefer IPL. He's also very smart and extremely caring.

                From my personal experince, the Perfecta txs are faster and since you must wait longer between txs, they costs less over time.

                Hope this helps. If you have specific questions, feel free to email me directly at



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                  Does Dr. Welsh have access to the YAG laser? I ask because my blood vessels/permanent red spots seem to be particularly resistant, and I have heard that the YAG is good for resistant redness?
                  I have had 5 V beams in the past with another derm, and 20 IPLs at a medspa (am collecting all the specific info on machines and settings used to bring to Dr. Welsh for my June appointment) and nothing made a dent in my permanent redness. So frustrating!


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                    Dr. Welsh has many different lasers, but I can't say exactly which ones she has. If you had vbeam before, was it a Perfecta vbeam? I had some regualr vbeam prior to the Perfecta and it did not come close to the Perfecta in terms of benefits and results.

                    My redness is extremely resistant because I have an autonomic nervous system dysfuntion which causes me to have severe and painful flushing. Meaning, I will always have flushing thanks to my nervous system. However, the Perfecta treatments have reduced the frequency and intensity of the flushing, except for the few weeks after the txs when I happen to get some intermittent severe rebound flares. Most people do not react as serverely as I do, since they don't have the nervous system problem as the cause.

                    If you want to know about the yag, you can ask by calling her office prior to your appt, or you can wait and discuss your case with her in June. Feel free to mention me - I've been going there now for almost 2 years. If Dr. Welsh can improve my situation, I think she should be able to improve yours. Keep in mind, it does take time - at least several txs before you notice a significant difference. Feel free to email me along the way if I can help or answer any questions.

                    Best of luck,


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                      Thanks so much, Meg.

                      May I ask, did you seek laser treatment solely to help with the flushing, or did you have broken capillaries/blood vessels and permanent redness as well? And if so, did you see any improvement with that aspect?

                      I can't remember what V beam machine my initial derm used, I have sent him a written request for my records, so hopefully will have that info by the time I have my appointment with Dr. Welsh.


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                        You' re welcome. I suffer from severe flushing AND permanent redness that is essentially vascular matting. I don't have the large broken capillaries, or if I did IPL and Perfecta have gotten rid of them completely. But I do have leaky blood vessels and tiny broken capillaries that I believe is called vascular matting. It does present as permanent redness. When I started with Dr. Welsh, my redness was constant and nearly purple, and now it's much lighter - even pink in some areas. I'm sure Dr. Welsh will be able to set reasonable expectations with you based on your situation. For me, the pain relief is the reason I have the treatments, but it sounds like you don't suffer from pain.