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Botox and flushing?

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  • Botox and flushing?

    So my mom found something on the internet today about using botox for facial flushing. Has anyone tried this? I'm wondering if this could also be an option to help my flushing. I can ask my derm in a month when i see him but i'd like to know more about this.

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      I don't know why more people on here have not tried botox for flushing..I hear really good things about it

      how much is it per treatment by the way

      I would get it if I was not so young..being near 20 and getting botox,that would be a bad idea right


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        my twin brother tried it a few years back,It froze his face for 3 months,I think the reason people shy away from it,is its limited success,


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          botox and flushing

          I did it - full face. It was very painful and did not help at all!


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            I did it on my ears, no effect.


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              I think it will perhaps depend on what are your most troublesome triggers. It might help with blushing and ambient warmth perhaps but likely to be unhelpful with cold winds, changes in temperature, stress, allergic responses, food triggers etc etc


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                I hope to look into this in the future, from what I undestand it can also be helpful for the neurological/burning pain associated with Rosacea. Botox is apprently used (successfully) in treating regional pain syndromes, even migraines...I did a lot of reading up on it and plan on bringing it to the attention of the specialist I am seeing in the late summer.

                I have read several reports of it working quite well for flushing. From what I understand, a lot of it has to do with the Doctor's technique of injection, depth, volume, et, et,

                Let us know how it all goes.