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Botox for Rosacea nd Neural pain/flushing

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  • Botox for Rosacea nd Neural pain/flushing

    I have been suffering from Neuropathic pain with my Rosacea, sometimes associated with flushing, sometimes it is not and is spontaneous.

    I have come across some documentation on Botox and Neural Flushing, some of it on this site some on other sites.

    The literature seems encouraging and gives me some hope as a possible avenue of treatment. I am currently on Neuroligal Pain medication and it helps some but not a lot.

    The effects of Botox are not permanent which is good and bad in that results do not last if good but results are not permanent if things go bad. I think they last around 5-9 months.

    Anyone have any further info on this treatment for neurological pain and flushing associated with Rosacea? Any info on potential side effects, risks of injecting the cheeks, nose, forhehead, chin with Botox for Neuro pain and flushing etc. ?

    I am set to see another Neurologist in a couple months and may inquire about this as a potential procedure if the research I do continues to be encouraging.

    The following is some info I have been gathering on the subject...

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    Interesting that there has been nothing new posted regarding this topic for a few years now. I would think if it had been a successful treatment more would be posted about it.

    I'll see what if anything I can find about this possible treatment.

    Best wishes,


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      Here is some more info

      Dr Soldo wrote in the above link
      Botox is only an adjunct to many ways to address flushing---Most commonly used are IPL, clonidine in low doses, oracea and topicals such as metrogel etc to name a few=--botox does not reach peak effect for at least 2 weeks and sometimes even longer--if not effective by then a larger dose may need to be used--botox is not foolproof however and is not always totally effective---N Soldo,MD
      So it is definitely a possible treatment for some.

      And here is another thread that discusses a member's treatment with Botox with Dr Soldo


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        Cheers, thanks for the info.

        I am particularly interested in the Neuro component of it as I have a lot of pain associated with my Rosacea. I understnad that Botox has been used to treat several Neurological pain disordres, ranging from fibrmyalgia to migraine it seem promising and as you said, potentially helpful for some.


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          It seems in the threads I have skimmed that for the people it has worked for it has helped relieve the neural component of burning.


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            Thanks to David Pascoe for the info.