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anyone have sinmilar kind of flushing

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  • anyone have sinmilar kind of flushing

    i flush about once a day usually between 2 and 5 pm and last for a few hours, not only do i flush my eyes get very light sensitive and become blurry somewhat and i get a huge headache, anyone else experience this?

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    I tend to flush in the afternoon. Whilst it is not clear why it could be:after eating lunch, changes in internal body temperature, fluctuations in hormones, etc

    I would recommend having a look at this link:


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      I myself suffer badly from flushing especially in the afternoon. I am currently on a low dose roaccutane 20mg which does unfortunately make the flushing worse but has cleared my skin up a treat. Unfortunately i have had a bad flare up while on it which has really lowered my spirit. My flushing is worse after i have eaten a meal. I dread going out for meals now because im conscience of it happening and everyone staring at me


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        Maybe you should ask your doctor about lowering the dose even more? I think a fair number of people have had an increase in their symptoms from the dose being too high. Just a thought.


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          And another thing is to watch more closely to your diet perhaps. What you eat has a massive impact on flushing for most. That's the thing with rosacea and flushing: with eczema (for instance, I have that as well) it can take a longer period of time to see the negative impact of certain foods in the skin, but with rosacea it shows almost immediately.

          "Rules" are, for most:
          -avoid foods that are very high in histamine or that act as histamine releasers in the body
          (and perhaps try to take an antihistamine other wise)
          -don't have meals that are too big. Rather devide smaller portions over the day. A big meal triggers flushing as well.
          -try to avoid sugar, fried foods, spices and alcohol as much as possible.

          Also: your body temperature raises through the day and peeks around 17:00-20:00. Aterwards it slowely drops again and in the night it is at its lowest point. So this is another reason why flushing is worst for most around dinner time.

          Good luck.
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            About high sugar levels: high sugar levels increase blood sugar levels in the body, which increases insuline levels, which create more inflammation in the body. All bad for rosaceans.
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