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Not sure if I have Rosacea or not ...

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  • Not sure if I have Rosacea or not ...

    Hi There

    As the title suggsets, I'm not sure if I have Rosacea or not so I have booked an appointment with my doctor.

    The reasons I think I have Rosacea are that recently I have started having hot flushes, for no particular reason, and they seem to last for a long time. Usually it's not so bad during the day, but in the evening I feel like I'm overheating and my cheeks get really flushed and red. Also, I have noticed close up a few bumps, some of which have tiny white dots (no doubt pustules).

    I have to say that I am quite stressed out at the moment, and the thought of having Rosacea to deal with too is making me even more stressed. That and that fact I have a beach holiday planned in two weeks which considering the way in which my skin is reacting is worrying me.

    My cheeks have always been a little red from now and then, but I was always under the impression it was from excessive showering. Often after drying myself from showering my skin around the cheeks would be quite red and dry.I am trying to reduce the length of my showers and not have the water so hot. This would rarely result in a long-term problem, unlike now where my cheeks seem to be permanently red.

    I feel really stressed out about all of this and my instinct is telling me this is 90% stress-related (but I could be wrong ...) The problem is, this is causing me to be stressed! I absolutely hate it.

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    We couldn't diagnose you of course on the internet but check out this link as it may be helpful.

    No reason you cannot take your beach holiday in any case. Just use plenty of sunblock (preferably one that is a physical sunblock ie containing zinc oxide and/or titanium dioxide) and protect your face with a hat/umbrella while on the beach.

    Best wishes,

    PS Good luck at your derm appt.

    PPS I would avoid any temp extremes such as long hot showers. Try warm showers that are not excessively hot and use lukewarm water on your face vs hot water.


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      Don't wash your face in the shower--keep it out of the hot/warm water. Gently wash it afterward using the sink, and using cool/tepid (not cold) water.


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        I would try not to stress about it as that will indeed not help. Your doctor should hopefully be able to diagnose you.

        In the meantime I would treat your skin very gently and as Melissa has advised enjoy your holiday but perhaps find a good sun hat and sun-cream.


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          Thanks for the help guys. That website was really useful. two things really stood out straight away for me B-Vitamins (Niacin) and Trytophan. I have been taking high strength B-Vitamins over the past few weeks and I have predominantly been getting my protein intake from Turkey (which is very high in Trytophan). I will definitely have to cut them both out and will hopefully see an improvement.

          I went to see my local Chinese TCM Doctor yesterday after work. Some people are a little sceptical of TCM but I have faith in it. A few years back now I had bad psoriasis on my back and scalp. Absolutely nothing prescribed to me by my doctor helped. All they gave me were steroid based creams etc and they just made things worse. I tured to TCM and within a month the psoriasis had completely cleared up and I have not had a problem since (some 5 years later).

          Anyhow, the doctor did his usual examination and said that the condition is caused by excessive internal heat and an internal imbalance caused by weaknesses of the Liver and Stomach. He also stated that, although not the cause, stress, lack of sleep, alcohol, spicy foods and excessive 'hot' foods as classified by TCM will trigger the symptoms. The important point he made that these were not causes, but triggers, and the cause was internal.

          I will still be seeing my other doctor on Monday, but have come home with a weeks worth of herbs (which I need to boil up and drink ... yuck) and will also be having accunpuncture today.

          As for my holiday, I'm not sure how I can cover myself all that well as I'll be surfing! Will have to really pile of the high sunfactor protection.


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            Maybe you can do your surfing before or after the main heat of the day? I have no idea if that's possible, though. Also, some people have reported good results from saltwater, so maybe that will be your saving grace!


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              Uggh, my face is really horrible and blotchy this evening. I have no idea why it gets worse in the evenings or why so suddenly things have got so bad. At this rate I don't think I'm even going to go away on holiday at all Booo ...


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                Sometimes your skin gets worse before it gets better. If you have only just stopped what you think may be triggering your skin problems, it will take a while for it to really show on your face.
                What kind of herbs are you drinking? If it tastes gross, it must be good for you!


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                  You're right, I need to be patient, and I am just making things worse by stressing myself out and getting upset. I'm going to try and not look in the mirror or a few days ...

                  I am also tempted not to put anything on my face. I have noticed that when I put any moisturiser, even Aloe Vera but to a lesser extent, it makes things worse and my face just gets hotter. I think I will leave my skin alone for a few days and assess how things go.

                  As for the Chinese Herbs, they are completely unknown to me! They are selected by the doctor from a multitude of jars - really odd looking stuff. All I can tell you is that it tastes vile and it is a real task to drink a glass of this stuff! The only reason I have decided to go down this route is because of the success I had the last time I used TCM. I hope it works this time too.

                  I will still be seeing my doc on Monday though - what would they usually prescribe? I know anti-biotics are prescribed to help deal with the inflammation and pustules, but is there anything that can really help with the redness and blushing?



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                    Taking an antihistimine like Clariton can be helpful when your skin is hot and acting up. I get the store brand and take it almost everyday. I don't really flush, but it seems to calm things down on a bad skin day [or week].


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                      I think you should go on holiday, and have the time of your life! Don't let your rosacea make you a prisoner. You could probably use the distraction, and, there have been several reports of people's symptoms improving while on vacation. Maybe you'll be one of those lucky folks, and, if not, then you'll have had fun, anyway! At least you wouldn't be stuck in your house.


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                        Originally posted by Strive View Post
                        I think you should go on holiday, and have the time of your life! Don't let your rosacea make you a prisoner. You could probably use the distraction, and, there have been several reports of people's symptoms improving while on vacation. Maybe you'll be one of those lucky folks, and, if not, then you'll have had fun, anyway! At least you wouldn't be stuck in your house.
                        You're right. I shouldn't let this get to me as I will end up missing out on living my life. Surely being out and about catching fresh air, sea, and generally being active is going to be better than staying at home. And to think, before my face started flaring up all I was worried about was how crappy my hair would get because of the sea-water and whether my body was toned enough for the beach ... I couldn't care less about these now! I would gladly shave my hair off and parade my beer belly about all for a clear complexion!

                        I should add that I also picked up some loose leaf green tea from the TCM Doctor on friday. Apparently Green Tea is supposed to be very good for the skin and dealing with bacteria and infections. I was told I could place the leaves, once boiled and tea has been consumed, on my face for cooling. I have done it twice already today and my face both feels cooler and looks less inflammed. I will keep this up and see how it goes.


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                          That's the spirit!!


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                            Back from seeing the doctor. Although my face is far less inflammed today he still recognised the symptoms as being Rosacea. He has prescribed me Metronidazole Gel 0.75% and said it should help with the inflammation and pustules etc. I was also told that going away on holiday just yet might not be the best idea unless I cover my face as best as possible. I might be able to reschedule my holiday a few weeks back just to give my skin a bit of a chance to recover, but there is no way that I'm going to miss out this summer!

                            Also had my first accunpuncture session earlier on today. Obviously it's too early to tell whether it would make a difference. In fact, the first 20 minutes I totally overheated and could feel my face burn up. That calmed down considerably towards the end.

                            The TCM doctor again explained how the accupuncture worked and said that it helped unblock certain organs in order to ensure excessive heat is stored in the body. He also explained a bit more about the herbs and said that they should help flush out a build up of toxins that contribute to the excessive heat. Also mentioned was the importance of drinking plenty of water and eating properly (particularly getting enough fibre) as one of the key ways the body gets rid of toxins is through expelling (I dont think I need to elaborate on those! )

                            In total it is expected that the condition should be treated in 5 weeks. Thats a big claim!

                            Interesting stuff anyhow - hope it makes a difference


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                              Sorry, that should have said in order to ensure excessive heat is not stored in the body