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Rosacea Symptoms Progressing to Eyes and Scalp at the age of 18?

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  • Rosacea Symptoms Progressing to Eyes and Scalp at the age of 18?

    Hey everybody,

    I've been dealing with moderate rosacea for about 4-5 years now, have been taking Oracea and applying Finacea as directed religiously, as well as using Prosacea and taking fish oil supplements.

    It seems that my rosacea is far more advanced at this age than anyone in my family, even my mother who I fear I inhereted the trait from. My mom is 52 years old, and she has had slight flushing problems for a while but nothing major, however her eyes have been a humongous problem for as long as I can remember. She has been on and off different prescription steroidal (not sure on the classification of opthalmic drugs, help me out if you know) eye drops and applies eye drops about 2-4 times daily. She cannot go outside during the winter time because the fireplace smoke enflames her eyes, and even the slightest whiff of smoke sends her eyes into a watery mess.

    It seems that now I'm getting these same symptoms, my eyes are easily irritated and I find myself applying eye drops a few times a week to keep them at bay. Also, my scalp has begun to get really itchy and almost dandruffy, despite using an anti dandruff shampoo. Does this correlate with my moderate to severe (at this point) rosacea at all?

    The frustrating thing is that her facial flushing is probably about on par, if not slightly better than mine despite being 30 years my elder. Is there any explanation for this? She used to tan heavily in her teens, which she is paying for dearly now but it seems that that would only AGGRAVATE flushing not reduce it.

    If it makes any difference I am a male, and I read elsewhere that male rosacea tends to be more rare, but more severe than rosacea in women. It's kind of embarassing, to say the least.

    I haven't really done anything about my rosacea aside from the topicals and antibiotic once daily, and to be quite honest I've almost stopped caring about rosacea altogether but it just seems that even in the past year my symptoms have gotten dramatically worse. I now have extremely enlarged pores and I'm lucky if my face is PINK maybe 3 hours of my waking life. Lucky. My ears are never even remotely flesh colored any more.

    Sorry for the long post, but I've kind of shunned it off and ignored the problem and acted like it didn't exist, and it seems that sweeping things under the rug just seems to accumulate a lot more quickly than I anticipated.

    Its gone from flushing a couple times a day to being flushed nearly all day, to affecting my eyes and possibly my scalp. These years are supposed to be my youthful years, but I look in the mirror and all I see is a tomato with humongous pores. I don't blame women for avoiding me to be honest...I wouldn't want to date the guy in the mirror either...ugh

    I guess I'll go out into the world for another day and smile and act as if it is all okay,

    until next time

    I apologize to the mods if this thread is in the wrong forum

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    Hey man. I can relate to ALOT of what you are saying. I am also 18 (guy too) and believe my rosacea has been going on since around the age of 14. It is very frustrating to have all these problems at such a young age.

    I have also have developed bad eye and scalp problems. Would be cool to talk, do you have MSN?

    Sorry for such a short message, just not interested in posting everything on this board for the 50th time, would be better to chat on msn or some other way.
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      I really feel for you ... I am an 18 year old male as well. I am taking antibiotics for my back acne but I have stopped trying to treat the redness and flushing. I think the best thing is to just forget about it if at all possible. And I definitely understand having problems with women/girls. Its hard to assume that they will see the whole person and not just your red face. Even if I am only slightly nervous, I can break out in complete redness. It really is horrible. Your rosacea is probably worse than mine so I can hardly imagine what it would be like. Of course that is important to remember that the rosacea is a part of you but does not define who you are (hopefully). I wish you the best of luck.


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        Have you ever considered laser for your flushing/redness problems? It's been known to help even severe cases that don't respond to orals or topicals. It could be worth a try.

        As to the eye problem, Oracea might be too low dose to do much. I'd ask your doctor about perhaps a higher dosage of Doxy (Oracea is only 40 mg Doxy, I believe) so that it'd act as an antibacterial, which could help your eyes. It might take up to two or three months to work, but it usually helps eye problems related to Rosacea.

        Unless your scalp is hot/red, I don't think the dandruff is Rosacea-related... I get flaky scalp in the winter (I'm 17), and I've been getting it long before my Rosacea surfaced. I'm sure your derm could recommend some more effective dandruff shampoos if Head and Shoulders isn't doing the trick.

        Best of luck! I know sometimes Rosacea can really get me down, but I've found that getting a steady, effective regimen and sticking with it can raise the spirits until progress is made. Keep us updated!

        - Lauren


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          The fish oil may be making you flush. Try stopping them and seeing what happens.

          I would also recommend going to a derm to see what they say. If it is redness or the forehead and scalp I wonder if you have seb derm as well. This can really upset your skin and cause loads of flushing. Is your skin greasy and dry at the same time? Flakey?


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            I feel ya man. I've had rosacea since I was 13. It's a hard, expensive fight (all those pills and creams add up over the years). Mine seems to stay confined to my face and ears, but its hard. I would say stop the fish oil for a while and see if it helps out any. If not you may have to consider laser treatment.


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              Same boat, 18 male. Soooo annoying, but hang in there man. Somethings got to give...


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                I had moderate rosacea and ocular by the age of 13/14 and I had ETS by the age of 15 (when it was still thought to be a good idea.) I'm 21 now, and I am officially at the "severe papulopustular" stage now, as well as nasal swelling, rough skin texture and HUGE pores.

                I hear ya man!

                My father has rosacea pretty badly, but he's in his fifties. The flushing only started in his late twenties / early thirties for him. I looked at pics of him on his wedding day and his skin was pale and clear as can be.

                Meanwhile, I had to truck through elementary school and junior high with this ****. Life ain't fair.

                - mikaela
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                  I'm almost 21 and I hate my condition very very much.. Today two things happened.. I ended up exam session(which was stressful as hell.. I think it caused a lot of papules..) and got diagnosed to have an early stage of acne.. So more fun.. Having such a deasease in a young age.. is terrible.. but over the years it is possible to live and even build up a decent confidence.. This winter I used make-up.. It helped a lot to feel better..


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                    Use anti dandruff shampoo on your face

                    I used head and shoulders dandruff shampoo (w/ Pyrithion zinc) for my scalp. I also have rosacea(or Seb Derm) and one day I noticed that my scalp at the edge of my hair line looked much like the rosacea so I took a hot clock and poured some shampoo on it and then used pressure and the heat to make sure it got into the pours. My face completely cleared up after 2 days and I have used it every other day for about 3 weeks now and my rosacea has not come back at all. I have very fair and sensetive skin too and have had no negative reaction to this shampoo and it does not dry out my skin. My brother has exzema on his hand and he started using selsun 2.5% on his hand and it hasn't come back in months.

                    So yea I would recommend that you wash your face with the same dandruff shampoo and remember to really put pressure and get it into the pours.