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When a red face isn't rosacea is everyones doctor checking?

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    Thanks a lot



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      The guaranteed way to diagnose rosacea

      Originally posted by ladycappuccino View Post
      My dermatologist(s) said it is not rosacea, it's SD (I don't think so). Only one examined my face thoroughly and was still dubious about AR. All of them were quite frank, almost harsh: "there's no cure for that, get used to it, take antibiotics or have a laser treatment. Diet won't help. Nothing will help apart from the strict hygiene..." As if I looked or were dirty as a cavemen (cavewoman ) or a beggar. Doctors I encountered have been very depressing. Always in a hurry. 15 minutes of hasty doctor's small talk and then automatic prescriptions and "come back to see me in 3 months".
      I am so glad I found this forum!

      Skin irritation and inflammation can produce a wide array of symptoms. Some can be itchy and irritating like eczema or SD. Some look more pronounced on the facial skin, such as rosacea - the disease of discussion here.

      The striking feature that separates rosacea from other skin problems is that it results in a deep red coloration on the facial skin - a condition which is very common caucasian women of USA and Canada.

      Exposure to extreme climates can cause flare ups..

      This list speaks in details about the warning signs of rosacea you should be careful for and what preventive measures one can take.

      Hope you see improvements in your conditions soon!!


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        Originally posted by Melissa W View Post
        Hi Kate,

        My derm diagnosed rosacea without any workup to rule out other diseases. It wasn't until I got chilblains that the drs ordered the whole series of connective tissue blood tests to R/O all the other stuff. And that was months after I was formally diagnosed with rosacea.

        I have Raynauds there’s a connection?
        What I have a lump that came up on my nose during cold weather and it won’t go away.
        And I’ve had terrible chilblanes. Any other information would be useful .
        Do you get raw sinuses? And sore mouth ?
        Best wishes,