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When a red face isn't rosacea is everyones doctor checking?

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    Originally posted by emlarkin View Post
    I'm 16 and I've had this problem develop from about 8 years old. My mum keeps saying she doesn't think it is rosacea but it's getting worse. What do you think? I am so sick of looking orange when I cover it up with makeup.

    Might want to get a second opinion from a dermatologist since I doubt if Mom is qualified to make such a determination (unless she is a physician?). It is important to rule out other skin conditions which mimic rosacea. Diagnosing rosacea, as this thread is pointing out isn't as straight forward and simple as some are led to believe.


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      The Rosacea/Sulphite Allergy link

      In 2010, I went to an allergy specialist who also studied dermatology, because I was suffering from acne roseacea and suspectd a food allergy. I was offically diagnosed with a Sulphite allergy and produce anti-histamine and an allergic response (-although a lot of stuff on the 'net implies this is unusal) In hind-sight I had been suffering for a number of years, I just didn't know what the cause was.
      I was also told I had Roseacea.
      Let me make myself clear, this is not a mis-diagnosis, as I had originally been diagnosed with Roseacea by my GP. I have 2 complaints. However, I do notice that my Roseacea is linked to my allergy, as at times, the redness seems to tie-in with an allergic response to food. Some Roseacea products contain sulphates/sulphites, so I have to avoid those. I would be interested to hear from others who suspect a link.


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        Hello again,

        Id just like to add Emma I have been to my local GP about 4 times now since January.

        My GP is a skin specialist - he noted my redness but wasnt entirely such it was or could be Rosacea. I am an active bodybuilder & was hinting at that being a possible cause, I however am unsure as Champions such as Arnold Schwarzenger and others who lift far heavier than I do look perfectly normal and at ease, no redness etc.

        First time I was prescribed Metrogel.
        This didnt work, it acting like putting clean-film over you skin when it dried. If you opened your mouth it streched and flaked. Cant see how anybody could put that on twice a day.

        Second time I was prescribed Beta Blockers.
        I couldnt believe I was give these, 4x times a day, I thought that was alot, most people where advising me not too take them. They did however seem to work I think I was on 25mg x4, they made my extrematies very cold aka hands & feet as my blood flow was being reduced. I had a hard time staying still however. I ran out of my prescription just as I believe they where really kicking in so I never really managed to get full benefit from them.

        Final time - 3 weeks ago, I was precribed Tetracycline. ( I have no bumps, dryness only redness that extends from temples down to lower cheek with a diagonal line (Symetrical both sides) from nose to middle of Jaw). I dont really want to take this as its intended as Pimple / Inflamtion oral although I will take what ever is nessaary.

        - Diet dosent seem to be a factor at all, my diet is incredibly restricted in terms of variation so I was able to reduce everything and note the effects. Ive tried reducing wheat, fruits, protein, carbs in general. Ive stopped using wash powder, cold baths, sleeping with head raised, sleeping next to a fan e.t.c

        At the current moment im actually looking into proper breathing techniques, as like I said early I am a bodybuilder & during workouts I often hold my breath & cause a build up of systoic pressure (aka when people intentionally go red by holding breath). This may have ruptured / killed blood vessels & may have caused a clot which is why the redness is now permenant.

        Emma you may want to look into getting your blood checked aka a blood test - I really want to get mine done as a condition called 'Acidosis' could be our cause. It is when Blood is too acidic caused by eating too many acidic foods, it makes the red blood cells stick together causing blot clots which means redness basically. We could also have very high 'Haemoglobin levels' i.e too many red blood cells. (A lot of bodybuilder friends get this and have to regularly give blood to restore the balance). Having said that taking Steroids causing redness due to messing with hormones so that could be a cause although redness from steroids is full-facial & neck not isolated areas.

        P.s I personally believe Spicy foods triggered the continual worsing of my redness back when I only had a very faint darkening of my cheeks. Stay clear of that.

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          The progression of my redness.

          Normal Skin 1992-2007 [Took Fluoxtine from 2006-2007]
          2007-2008 [very faint darkening of cheeks very small area, center of cheeks (Only I could really notice it) [Very light weight, hadnt really started bodybuilding]
          2008 September [Started College, skin fine after hot summer]
          2008 October [First flush, Had started eating alot of spicy foods / working out / gaining abit of weight]
          2008 October - March 2009 [Flushing at night, fine during day]
          2009 April / September [Face improved , masked by sun tan , skin still moist and sweating normally]
          2009 December - April [Begining to flush during the day in class, skin getting drier, washing face more often] [Started eating alot more, gaining more weight]
          2010 April - September [Still flushing during the day with dry skin but slightly improved / not noticed due to exams / taking evening primrose oil]
          2010 October - March 2012 [Skin flushing badly, permenant redness, skin itching during workouts]. (Eating alot more, gained about 2 stone).



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            Originally posted by emlarkin View Post
            Same for me, the worst is in the evening, usually gets really hot and red almost like it's burning. When it's not so red there are white splotches in between but if its flushing then it completely covers my cheeks and sometimes under my chin. No my face doesn't sweat really. I would say it is rosacea as looking at some of the seborrhoeic dermatitis information, it is not affected by diet whereas I get worse when eating hot food like curries or too many fatty foods.

            It is generally best first thing in the morning but as soon as I get too hot I will flush for hours after. So embarrassing and no one understands that I'm NOT blushing! It's good to know other people understand here.

            i have the same problems but not quite the same redness, is your skin soft and smooth ? maybe you have keratosispilaris. but anyway you could give PDL a shot, it can be very effective as you can see in my two links.
            but from what i have read the more purpuric the treatment is the more it helps. so people like us have to insist on getting a purpuric treatment otherwise it won't be very effective. disadvantage is the downtime with purpura but otherwise wasting a lot of money and nerves for nothing would be more frustrating.

            here is a picture of what purpura is purpura.jpg



            what are you eating if you are gaining weight ? maybe your body is responding to an intolerance through the skin.


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              Thanks for the reply.

              The weight gain is intentional, im just eating more of what I usually eat which is lots of Wholegrain cereal, rice milk, tuna, brown rice, chicken , eggs , apples & grapes. No sugar, salt or any preservatives. As you can see my diet is very restricted - I have always thought however now I am eating larger quantities of the foods I used to eat, maybe I have exceeded my bodies intolerance threshold whereas before by eating small amounts my body was able to process it?

              I originally though it might have been the milk, so I cut that out, then I cut out the replacement, Alpro Soya. Now Im on rice milk. Ive also cut out Cottage Cheese , as well as sugar, spices, preservatives for about 3 years now.

              I dont get it? My skin is smooth and normal, yet it is red up to my temples but does occasional have white flakes of skin on it, although it doesnt look or feel dry. Also when I make my face taught by moving my mouth to the very left or right aka pulling the skin on my cheeks, the redness completely disapears?


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                hi, im new to this forum. anyway,my rosacea started to flare up this year about 1st week of feb then slowly getting worse, went to my derma, and prescribed me oracea, in on my 2nd mo on oracea, my last pill will be on friday then will be on my 3rd mo but it's not getting any better, i will always have redness on my chin and new pimples with pus. my derma gave me neostrata cleanser and toner, and retin a during night time and differin gel morning, but its not getting any better. pls help, im thinking if ishould stop oracea or change cleanser or better yet change derma.


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                  Originally posted by low_self_esteem_d/trosace View Post
                  hi, im new to this forum. anyway,my rosacea started to flare up this year about 1st week of feb then slowly getting worse, went to my derma, and prescribed me oracea, in on my 2nd mo on oracea, my last pill will be on friday then will be on my 3rd mo but it's not getting any better, i will always have redness on my chin and new pimples with pus. my derma gave me neostrata cleanser and toner, and retin a during night time and differin gel morning, but its not getting any better. pls help, im thinking if ishould stop oracea or change cleanser or better yet change derma.

                  If there was a definitive answer for you there would probably be no need for this forum or any other rosacea forum. The answer lies in your taking in knowledge of all the treatment options for rosacea, prescription, non prescription, light therapy, trigger avoidance, and alternative treatments and making a decision. What works for one rosacea sufferer may not work for another. Just keep searching. Eventually you will rule out what doesn't work for you and find something that at the very least controls rosacea.


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                    Retin A makes Rosacea worse

                    I went through at least 4 dermatologists who treated me for adult acne - I was put on retin a and steroids and my rosacea got horrible. I finally figured out it was rosacea (several of my aunts and my mom suffer from it) and went to Dr Soldo is Scottsdale. He diagnosed my rosacea and put me on Finacea. If I were you, I'd research a good dermatologist who has experience treating rosacea. Many dermatologists are not very knowledgeable about the disease.


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                      I suspect quite strongly that I have systemic mastocytosis. Even though it is rare, I have soooo many of the symptoms. The treatment, though, is pretty much what I've been doing already so I guess it doesn't really matter either way. Thanks to the original poster for starting this thread. It makes me feel less alone in my struggles.
                      "Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail."
                      Ralph Waldo Emerson


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                        Originally posted by Froggirl View Post
                        It seems to be pretty well accepted in the medical literature that a diagnosis of rosacea can only be made once a multitude of other conditions are first ruled out. My doctor did but i wondering if everyones doctor or derm are ruling these things out to? Especially for people for who redness and flushing are the key symptoms (rather than P&P).

                        I remember back when i first started getting flushing that the only thing that came up on the internet for flushing was rosacea, but have since found out there are many many things which can look like rosacea, so thought i'd put it out there.


                        Most of these are unlikely or rare but there are also some pretty common conditons that can cause flushing or make it worse, such as allergies, food intolerances, thyroid issues, oestrogen imbalance (for women), lactose intolerance, fructose intolerance and coeliac disease.

                        Of course all of the above generally cause other symptoms aside from flushing or redness, most commonly GI issues, but some of these can be symptom less, like Coeliac disease, which is why only about 1 in 1000 people are diagnosised with it despite approx 1 in 100 having it. And the fact that lot's of rosacea say they improve when cutting out wheat or dairy products makes me wonder if some of us also have other things going on, aside from rosacea.

                        Anyway most of these are simple blood tests, so is everyone getting checked out for these things?
                        My doctor took literally 2 minutes to decide i have rosacea based on a bit of redness on my face. Prescribed me the metrogel and that was it. Even though i'd been out in the gale-force wind and snow beforehand and strong wind always turns me really rosy! I've been complaning about feeling generally unwell and having an iffy stomach for around 2 years now and they've always found a way to dismiss it. Around the time i started noticing that i could well be lactose intolerant i also started to have more issues with my skin, including redness and more breakouts. Since being 'diagnosed' with rosacea and using the metrogel (this is my 7th night applying it), my redness has grown worse and after eating food that would not normally affect me, my skin flares up more now than before. So i'm wondering if my skin is growing more sensitive because i'm being treated for the wrong thing perhaps? I'm just stuck.

                        I can't really eat anything the last few days without going red. But all of my other symptoms at the moment point to possibly celiac disease or at least a gluten intolerance. I would say just lactose intolerance but my face flushes from eating almost everything, and since gluten is in a majority of the things i eat and have been eating for a long time, i'm wondering if this may be my problem as these symptoms have been present for a long time too.


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                          Originally posted by laurastacey View Post
                          My doctor took literally 2 minutes to decide i have rosacea based on a bit of redness on my face.
                          I have added your report to my list.


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                            Originally posted by Brady Barrows View Post
                            It's as if family GP's don't really know the first thing about it, and when they see a sign they just give you a cream without even checking that there could be something else going on.


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                              Same here

                              Oh yes, I was diagnosed the same way. Gave me Rozex metrogel and Tetracycline. Rozex doesn't work and Tetrasyl gave me side effects. Going to another dermatologist on Friday.

                              The thing is that is not only my face but other symptoms too which is why I've been to blood tests through another doctor, or two, who doesn't know what they're doing because my thyroid levels been coming down. Seeing an endocrinologist in June.

                              Last time I told the doc that why the reference values even exist if they don't give a **** until it's only under the references. Like people couldn't have symptoms with values close to it.



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                                Very interesting

                                Though I originally came to this forum because of my ocular rosacea, I am getting such good insight into other things that have been going on with me for years.

                                My mother had scleraderma, my sister has lupus, we all have redness of the neck and thyroid issues. I also over the years have had very weird symptoms like abdominal migraines (severe vomiting without headaches but with an aura), vertigo, seizures when stressed or hungry, small ganglion cysts that have developed on my hands and wrists at each joint, severe body aches, fibromyalgia, swelling of the tongue and throat when eating ice cream or shaved ice drinks and gastro intestional issues. I have others, but you get the picture that lots of the body systems are involved.

                                I have been told after having tests for lupus, periodic paralysis and other things that I am perfectly fine. Meanwhile I have these weird problems.

                                The good news is that since starting antibiotics just a few days ago for the rosacea, I am feeling better over all. My skin is getting lighter on my neck, my eyes feel better, and the body ache seems to be less. Crossing my fingers that it is some systemic thing that is being helped now.