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Accutane and laser

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  • Accutane and laser

    I posted this in the IPL section but since this gets more hits...

    Hey guys, just got back from my derm. Things look pretty good except I have a patch near my jawbone that is really red. I'm on accutane but my dr. said that I could have a gemini laser treatment. I questioned her and she stated that since it is not a resurfacing laser and only targets the red blook cells being on accutane is not an issue.

    Has anybody ever heard anything like this? I'm apprehensive but the doctor has been so good that I'm inclined to trust her. What do you guys think?

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    I'd wait the 4 - 6 months after accutane. I've never heard of doign any type of laser while on accutane. Do IPL after the accutane; it works better.


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      well I've had the Gemini before and it works fantastically. It's not IPL. Its different. That is why I'm asking the question, my doc says its cool. I guess since nobody knows differently I'll trust her.


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        I would also like to know the answer to this.
        I am getting Genesis and would like to start very low
        dose accutane for my rhinophyma symptoms while I am
        doing this.
        I know its a no no for ablative lasers and probably IPL
        but what about Genesis, Gemini??