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  • Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

    Anyone got any experience with this kind of treatment?

    "Has anyone heard of anyone benefitting from "Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT)" for rosacea? I searched the rosacea yahoo group and found a post:
    << My boyfriend's father (age 71) has rosacea and he refuses to go to a derm. In August of last year, he was diagnosed with severe internal bleeding - the radiation from prostate cancer had weakened the walls of his blood vessels. He was immediately treated in a hyperbaric chamber (he explains it as a pure oxygen submarine with 15 or so other people in it) 5 days per week for months. His rosacea has cleared up! (..and he no longer needs glasses for driving!!) Therefore, it would seem that oxygen treatments to the face could help the rest of us. >>
    I have found very few experimental case reports published for HBOT for Rosacea but was wondering if anyone else had experienced this or heard anything? I am probably going to give it a try myself. If anything it is supposed to do wonders for your skin...I know people who have benefited tremendously but for other indications, not rosacea."


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    Many herabouts suffer, it seems, from impaired circulation, Raynaud's and such like things. There is a link to rosacea there somewhere, I hazard.

    It strikes me that these folk (I'm guessing primarily flushers and victims of settled redness) may just respond to something of this sort.

    Purely anecdotal, but a couple of divers I know have the most spectacularly good circulation (and, it need hardly be said, pale faces) The veins and arteries running down my arm are barely visible (and I'm not a porker!) yet those on my diver chums are 10mm thick and stand proud from the skin. These guys have spent countless hours in oxygen chambers etc etc


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      So true. Im fine in the warm weather, but come the winter I get deathly cold hands.

      Funnily enough, my flushings get BETTER in the summer. Maybe this is because my allround circulation is improved?

      Perhaps we should all move to a warm country and get HBOT regularly? Sounds like a more favorably treatment option than getting ones face light sabered intermittently!



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        bob i think most rosaceans are the same with respect to summer flushings. Isnt it worse in the winter though, because the veins cant deal with the rebound flushing due to the cold? That said i think circulation is a pivotal factor for rosaceans which im sure is why being slender and hence less stress on the circulation is good for rosacea


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          I had HBOT once a week for about 18 months up until about a year ago.

          I'd love to be able to support this idea for rosaceans but I'm sorry to report that in my experience it did nothing to help my circulation or rosacea. In fact it coincided with the period when my reynauds and rosacea got much worse, though I would not suggest that HBOT caused this worsening.

          Re summer flushing, I think it's about being less extreme - in winter we go from cold outdoors to centrally heated indoors and our bodies can't cope with the changes. In summer, the temperature may be warmer overall but the percentage change between warmest and coldest environments is much smaller.


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            Yeah, you're probably right about the summer thing. We have the heating on pretty high during the winter, so the temp difference between inside and out must be massive. In the summer there feels like very little difference at all.



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              Oxygen chamber therapy can increase circulation and oxygenation, Frye adds, allowing the oxygen to build and repair damaged blood vessels, as well as triggering collagen growth, which leads to healing.