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Two things that worked for me--easy to try

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  • Two things that worked for me--easy to try

    I've had rosacea for several years, and nothing worked for me--until I tried the two things below, and they worked exceptionally well, and are well-worth trying.

    1. Stop using soap on your face! Soap destroys the natural microbiome of your face. Stop using soap and see what happens. You can always start using soap again.

    Sounds counterintuitive, right? Don't believe me? Google "Hamblin soap" and read what you come up with.

    2. Dab some cornstarch on your rosacea a few times a day for several days and see if that helps. You just need to put a tiny amount on your figner and then transfer it to your face. Then, remove excess by lightly brushing your face with a tissue. A small amount will remain, but that should be enough, and will not make you look ridiculous.

    If this sounds crazy, do your own research. Start by googling "cornstarch skin benefits". Applying cornstarch to skin has many uses. For example, it's one of the standard remedies for skin itch in various places. Will cost you almost nothing to try.

    And when you try these remedies, I hope you will post results here so others can learn from your efforts.
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    I do agree that everyone should stop using soap on their face!
    There are so many good products for face washing, like foams for example.


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      I use NO cleanser of any kind on my face!

      And now, after about 8 months of using no cleanser on my face, my rosacea is very much improved. It will probably take several weeks of using no cleanser for anyone to notice an improvement, but believe me, it's a very worthwhile experiment. If you find your skin quality becoming worse in any way, you can always start using cleanser again--but probably not soap, which has a comparatively high pH.