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  • Sun - what do i do

    As said before my early rosacea was about 1/10 when i look back, but didnt know it was rosacea. One bout of sun, severely burnt my face and took it to 10/10. Because of this i am suffereing today, even 5 seconds sun burns like somones placed a spoon from a cup of tea on my face. What in gods name do i do about this, i cant live my life like this...please any advice

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    For now, make sure you are applying sunscreen daily! In the long term, you should really look into IPL. Very beneficial treatment for me and it is perfect for sun damage.


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      I wont patronise you by making out that 'understand' where you're at, because I am no where near as reactive to the sun. But I have found that using Clinique's Supercity Block has enabled me to tolerate outside environments very well. With no block, I used to flush after any significant time outside. Now I have all but completely ruled out this flush.

      So definately give this stuff a try if you havent already, its get a BB's thumbs up rating of 10/10!



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        I am going to second the suggestion to look at IPL as it did help with the burning.

        Get your skin as calm as you can and find an excellent doc.


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          I no longer react to the sun since being on the Candida Diet and doing red light therapy at home. It's all good! My face is way less sensitive, far fewer p&p and hardly any more flushing. My face doesn't burn anymore and no more swelling or throbbing like it used to do. I can now eat some of my trigger foods without flushing (I haven't tested them all yet). It takes a bit of dedication but has worked for me so far.

          Good luck James!

          Currently trying: Apr 06 Bee Wilder's Candida (natural healing) Diet; May 06 Home made red LED array; Aug 06 ZZ ointment.


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            Yes this is a big problem for me as well..I can't do anything outdoors without getting flushed out. I can't have a normal life like this i'll look into IPL as soon as I find a way to calm this **** down, maybe the clonidine will help.


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              Originally posted by volcomStone
              Yes this is a big problem for me as well..I can't do anything outdoors without getting flushed out. I can't have a normal life like this i'll look into IPL as soon as I find a way to calm this **** down, maybe the clonidine will help.

              IPL has been the ONLY thing to calm down my Rosacea.


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                After I had my 8 IPL's I can now go out in the sun for the first summer in 2 years. I mean, I could before but it really brought it out. I can't stress enough how much the combo of using accutane followed by IPL has help my skin. I have a nice lite brown tan on my face for the first time in years, and don't burn in the sun like I used to on my face anymore. I do make sure I put on my "Vanicream" sunblock on if I'm going to be outside for a while.


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                  Hi Canada Dude, so you'd say that after taking accutane and the IPL treatments you're in remission from rosacea??


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                    IPL had the opposite effect for me (made me more sunlight reactive) but I have found my skin benefited recently by puting on Avene sunscreen every day first thing (regardless of whether its sunny outside or not), then my camouflage makeup (also contains sunscreen) and wearing a sunblock hat every time I step outdoors.

                    You need to find a sunscreen that doens't irritate you though and that can be very tough. I'm finding Avene the best so far for me but I think it's very personal and there's no way round shelling out lots of money and trying them all out. If your face hates them, at least you can slather them on the rest of your body.


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                      Originally posted by DukeCity
                      Hi Canada Dude, so you'd say that after taking accutane and the IPL treatments you're in remission from rosacea??
                      I'm back to "pre-rosacea", I wouldn't call it remission, but close. But yes, both IPL and accutane helped big time. I also used doxy and steroid eye drops to put my eyes fully in remission from ocular rosacea.


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                        Hi guys,

                        I have a question about rosacea and sun as well. Lately I noticed that beeing outside, even in the shade and with a big hat on, makes my face very flushed and almost sunburnd looking and feeling. Before I go out I'm usually pale and normal. My face is ultrasensitive and can't handle any topical, so no sunscreen either. My dermatologist thinks my skin is getting more sensitive to uva rays from the sun and adviced me to stay inside as much as possible when it's sunny. Is there anybody who has the same and has some advice? This morning my skin was fine and after one hour outside, in the shade, it is going crazy and it's not a normal flush. More of a sunburn reaction...

                        Thanks, Natalja.


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                          Hi Natalja,
                          have you tried any of the sunproof hats? I got one at Coolibar ( wth a really big brim (5") and it covers well. I can't say I get the same symptoms you are mentioning - ususally I'm fine in the shade as long as it isn't too hot . . . . just a thought for something you could try that blocks sun without putting anything on your face.

                          Best of luck to you on this . . .
                          Vancouver Island, BC


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                            Most definitely, hats are the way to go. Sunscreen is fine if you can use it, but the added protection of a hat can't be beat. And, make sure it is a hat that will provide protection. A lot of the ones out there have poor SPF ratings. I've ordered almost all of my hats (I've got a large collection now) off the 'net. My all time favs are the Barmah Squashy hats. Protects to UV 50! I have vented and non-vented ones in different colours.

                            Hat's are stylish, attractive and enormously protecting. I wear my hat and I put on my 'safety armour' physically -- and psychologically. Most ladies I talk to say they wish they could hats but they don't suit them. Nonsense! You just have to find the right hat and adopt the right mindset. Hat's look good on everyone. Except baseball hats, only baseball players should wear those

                            I've also got large hats, like the fashionable ladies wore in the old days, which have huge rims. I wear those when I'm wanting something a bit less casual. I can't wear makeup so this is what I use instead. I always get a comment on the hats, where I used to always get a comment on my face. Fair trade in my eyes.

                            Good luck!
                            Twickle Purple.

                            Happiness is a choice.


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                              this happened to me too last summer - exactly as you described - I would be out in the sun wearing sunscreen and a big hat and I would still get sunburnt. I got really upset about it as it contributed to my feeling that my rosacea was completely out of control. I have since been told by an IPL doc that it is a result of the IPL making my skin really hyper light sensitive (and hence I should not have any more IPLs).

                              So you are not alone or going mad in imagining this!

                              The better news is that this year I am under control with the roscea and have just come back from a week's camping holiday with no sunburn. The difference this year is no IPL (biggest factor imo), better skincare (rosehip oil for moisture and Avene sunscreen - white range) and better hats. I wear a Tilley hat which is also factor 50 and I wear it every time I step out of the door.

                              Hope this helps a bit