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  • Discussion about CAUSE of rosacea

    (I post this message on a other thread but i wanted to create a dedicated thread to discuss about it)

    I think subtype is a false approach to rosacea. For me, there is:

    1. Rosacea caused by demodex mites
    2. Rosacea caused by the gut (mainly SIBO but maybe also leaky gut and candida)

    We can have either one or the other, or both. And so the patients develop different symptoms and the doctors categorize them into subtypes.

    But the question you should ask yourself is: do I have digestive problems? Flush after meals? Bloating? Other symptoms like fatigue, hormonal problems, bad sleep?

    If so, there is a good chance that you have SIBO and not only demodex mites.

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    I understand your point of view. However, the subtype classification has been controversial since its inception in 2002. For example, Dr. Kligman, one of the foremost experts on rosacea, who has since passed away and wrote 'the book' on acne and rosacea, said, and I quote, ”In my view this is a vast oversimplification which will not solve the diagnostic dilemmas that confront us. I see no reason not to give equal nosologic status to granulomatous rosacea, rosacea conglobata, rosacea inversa (formerly called pyoderma faciale), rosacea fulminans, edematous rosacea (a devastating variety) or combinations with seborrheic dermatitis, lupus erythematosus, acne vulgaris, and still other variants. Reducing the classification to four sub-types does little to clarify and eliminate the inherent complexities of this mysterious disease.” Source

    Dr. Kligman was concerned about variants of rosacea, i.e., granulomatous rosacea (the only variant as of this date recognized by the NRS 'expert committee' who first classified rosacea into subtypes and variants). To this day, the NRS does not recognize demodectic rosacea as a rosacea variant while the RRDi does recognize this as a valid rosacea variant. The RRDi has gone further and recognizes thirteen variants of rosacea including the one you are also concerned with, GUT Rosacea. Furthermore, the RRDi endorsed the phenotype classification of rosacea more than a year before the NRS formerly endorsed it, which is a superior classification over subtypes.
    Brady Barrows
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