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Rosacea or Lupus ???

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  • Rosacea or Lupus ???

    I have a particular rosacea because I just have flushes. Intense flushes on the nose and cheeks. My skin becomes extremely red (like inflammation) and I feel extremely tired. The only thing that calms the flushs is to lie in the dark.

    I also have Raynaud's syndrome quite serious. Quite serious because my hands are all the time colds and red or purple. All the time, all day.

    Besides, I have digestive problems, I'm skinny and I can not gain weight, I often have migraines and a general feeling of fatigue and discomfort.

    I talk about Lupus about two doctors who took blood tests and assured me that I did not have Lupus.

    I wanted to know if I'm the only one who has all these symptoms?

    Because when I read the topics of others, I have the impression that they have "only" an "external" skin problem (redness and pimples) whereas for me it is clearly internal. My body seems all the time in inflammation. All this worries me because it's been years and yet my blood tests are still perfectly normal and nothing helps with these flushes. I'm pretty sure it's an auto-immune or hormonal condition...

    Do you have something like that ?

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    Your condition is difficult to say the least, and I can only imagine the suffering you are going through.
    Lupus is difficult to diagnose, as you point out, and so does the Mayo Clinic.
    Rosacea Phenotype 1 is usually diagnosed by a dermatologist. Have you had a dermatologist examine you?
    There are a number of anti-flushing treatments to consider.
    Brady Barrows
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