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Flushing at Night

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  • Flushing at Night

    What is the mechanism that causes facial flushing at night? I could be perfectly fine and at around 9-10 pm I start feeling warmer and warmer. My nose starts tingling and within a few minutes my cheeks and nose are red. Could it just be that at night many people suffer more anxiety? I am very much an anxious person or is it something else/in addition to?

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    The most obvious yet easily-overlooked factor is dehydration. Try drinking an extra glass or two of water. If dehydration is the issue then your face will calm down in a few minutes.

    Another possibility is exposure to sun or wind. If you get sunburn or windburn during the day, then it will flare up at night when your body starts to heal. Use sunscreen or a scarf to protect your skin during the day and see if that helps prevent irritation at night.

    Finally, it may have to do with what you eat for dinner. Green vegetables, whole grains and lean protein may reduce flushing. Fried foods, carbs, sugar and alcohol may trigger it.


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      Or could it be hormonal? I didn't realize I had rosacea until I got into my 50s. Then hot flashes and rosacea. The hot flashes were somewhat worse at night. If you're a man--I think men have hormonal changes too.

      I had bad acne as a teenager and then just had nice skin with a rosy tint on the cheeks that I appreciated because I didn't have to decide whether to wear blusher.


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        In fact, I was worried about it for a long time, until I realized that it had something to do with the daily fluctuations in blood pressure.