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Lymecyline, skinoren, and soolantra - am I on the right track?

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  • Lymecyline, skinoren, and soolantra - am I on the right track?

    Hello, 40yr old male here. I've always flushed easily and had red cheeks, but in the last couple of years I started to get a red bumpy nose with large pores, and little red bumps on my nose and cheeks.

    I've been using soolantra once a day for the last 10 months and it seemed to help with the red bumps that were getting worse on my nose and cheeks. Not a miracle cure but a definite slow improvement. A couple of months ago I also started using skinoren aa (20%) twice a day - once after a shower in the morning followed by moisturiser, and again before bed followed by the soolantra. It seems the azelaid acid might be helping to even out the red tone on my nose a bit, but I'm also getting an extremely oily sheen all over it after an hour or so. The shine makes the now uneven bumpy skin on my nose look 100x worse and the pores look gigantic.

    I saw a dermatologist last week who has started me on lymecycline which I understand fights inflammation in some way, but was told it won't help my lumpy oily nose issue. Is that correct? I was told to continue using the azelaic acid because that will help with the oily issue, but it doesn't seem to be. I'm pretty sure its making it worse if anything. It looks great when I first apply it because your face looks matt, but in a short time I have a mirror finish on my nose.

    So, am I doing things wrong? azelaic can be drying I know, so I've tried heavier moisturisers on my face to compensate, and the problem is still there. Light moisturisers, same issue. Is it possible I should be using no moisturiser at all? Even more? A certain type? Avoid AA altogether?

    What about my lumpiness on the nose. I was told it was enlarged oil glands (I have a couple of my cheeks and forehead too) and nothing will help with getting rid of that, and that and it's now a case of stopping it getting worse. Does my dermatologist speak the truth?!

    I don't really know what to expect if I keep using these products. The red pimples have died down but I think my cheeks may be ever redder, and my nose seems to be getting oilier and bumpier.

    Any help much appreciated.