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  • I need some guidance

    Hi, I'm male. I've had skin problems since my early teens (now 37). I started with what I thought acne, which by 16 or so was very severe, very oily skin, cysts all over my chin and cheeks,large pores.
    Even at this age I noticed how even though the cysts on my chin were much bigger than on my cheeks they'd heal notably faster.
    Any red spots on my cheeks would take months to fade.

    Over the years my skin became less oily, I believe the "acne" element faded away in my late 20s, but I still get plenty of pustules and papules. I always thought it was some sort of some sort of pigmentation issue, where for some reason my cheeks don't heal, but I read about type 2 rosacea a couple of years ago and the pics looked rather familiar, the blotchyness and bumpy texture.

    Although my skin is much better than over the past 20 years I've not found much success, sulphur soap seemed to upset my skin by drying it out too much, so I can only use a tiny hint of it, which is what I'm currently doing, plus using jojoba oil or cetaphil with spf50 to moisturise.

    I feel rather stuck, this is obviously a very long term problem, I've never discussed it with a doctor as its totally impossible for me (severe anxiety disorder) which means I can't guarantee it's really rosacea. An online doctor agreed with me it was, but I didn't feel its very thorough.
    I've discovered many rosacea topical treatments are available over the counter here in the UK so maybe I should try them, such as ivermectin and the antibiotic topical who's names just escaped me!

    I'm just really after a bit of guidance from people more knowledgable than myself, any thoughts or questions would be great. It has certainly contributed to my poor mental health (which I do get help with) over the last 2 decades so I want to at least try and better myself.

    Thanks so much everyone for reading, wap.