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Rosacea & Dermatitis (Oracea experience)

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  • Rosacea & Dermatitis (Oracea experience)

    Hello everyone!

    I've been a member on here for a little over a year and have posted some threads here and there on my condition(s).
    I've had skin issues for around 5 years now and have had a whole host of dermatologists tell me different things lol But as far as I'm concerned, what makes sense based on the appearance of my skin is that I have:

    1) very light rosacea
    2) perioral dermatitis
    3) dandruff

    My rosacea is not that prominent. I have a couple small capillaries and blush here and there.
    My doctor asked to take a bunch biopsy while I was having a flare which revealed the ohhhh so dreaded demodex mite. However, we do all have these critters and Soolantra didn't really do much for me I'm not sure that for MY exact symptoms are due to my demodex count. Also, I've pretty much got my dandruff issue under control.

    The only thing left is this dermatitis! I get blister-like small pin-point "zits" mostly on both sides of my chin (sparing the area directly around my lips) and in my laugh lines. Sometimes it will appear around my eyes. It itches! It gets red! And there is a fine layer of flaking... which is always there to some degree or another.
    What I've tried:

    Ketoconazole cream, gel, and foam
    Nobel zinc soap
    sulfur (allergic)
    ovace (sulfactemide)
    dandruff shampoo on face (disaster lol)

    What I've currently been prescribed: (as of 2 days ago)
    Oracea once a day
    Clindamycin lotion on chin
    Elidel for when I have flareups around my eyes.

    I also take: a multi-vitamin, luvox, birth-control, vitamin D3, omega 3, and probiotics
    I also have SIBO for those of you who know what that is and have many times done diet modifications.

    SOOOOOO... has anyone had experience with ORACEA, CLYNDAMYCIN LOTION, OR ELIDEL? I have read the other threads on these meds but I'm looking for more updated experiences!

    Thanks so much in advance!