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    Originally posted by bakersmt View Post
    What is the "IPL" that you mentioned?

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    Intensed Pulsed Light which is a form of Photo Dynamic Therapy (PDT) or Broadband Light.
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      Originally posted by Brady Barrows View Post
      "Rosacea is probably a collection of many different diseases that are lumped together inappropriately." Dr. Draelos is quite intuitive about this.
      I believe this is true. It's the same for depression. Depression isn't an illness on its own, it's a symptom of other issues, which is why one treatment for depression isn't successful for everyone who suffers from it. You have to find out the underlying cause (and there are at least 5 biotypes of depression).

      Originally posted by thin_white_duke View Post
      You say it can take over a year to "sort out my stomach". Why 1 year? Do you have a study or any evidence that backs that up, or is that just your best guess? 1 year of a restrictive diet is a massive part of my life.
      I'd be interested in that too. The evidence I've seen suggests the gut microbiome shifts within 4 days:

      Personally, I haven't noticed gluten has any effect on my condition, in fact, I was gluten-free when I developed rosacea.