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  • Rosacea and Dermatitis advice

    Hey everyone,

    I've posted a couple things on here since being a member where I explained my slight Rosacea and seborrheic dermatitis (dermatitis is by far the more dominating condition for me). However, my new derm thought that I actually had perioral dermatitis too. I have been trying out Avar LS cream which is sulfur and sulfactemide but I still get tiny itchy hive like bumps around my mouth and chin mostly as well as flakey skin. She suggested Elidel to try but I'm pretty nervous about trying that. Has anyone with dermatitis and Rosacea tried this? Also are there any tests to see if this dermatitis is bacterial, fungal, or demodex? All my problems actually started around my mouth with flakey skin and in the folds of my cheeks. I've also tried ketocanozole which flared up acne. This has been going on for 3 years now. I'm also on birth control and ssris as well as only washing my skin with water since cleansers really aggravate the rash. Thanks to anyone that can provide me with suggestions!

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    I would be cautious of using Elidel with having Rosacea. It does help with periorbital dermatitis but can increase your rosacea symptoms. As for knowing whether it's bacterial or fungal or demodex it's basically trial and error. You can get tested for demodex but dermatologists always tell me that demodex is related to type 2 rosacea. You can get a fungal skin scraping however the results aren't always correct. Good luck!