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    What diet do you usualy use and did you try more of them and how long im askink cuzz i wonna try changing that to

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    Originally posted by ihavetoasky View Post
    What diet do you usually use and did you try more of them and how long Im asking cuzz i wanna try changing that to
    I eat vegetables, berries, beans, seeds, coconut, oilve oil, coconut oil, and chicken. I have a fish allergy or it would be included in my diet. Ocassionally I will have a sweet potato and very rarely I consume goat cheeze.

    Foods I will not eat are cow dairy, gluten, sugar. I use stevia to sweeten things and I have cut my salt in half.

    I take vege omega 3 supplements from algae, olive leaf extract, oil of oregano, caprylic acid, high dose vitamin D, zinc and flax seed oil every day twice per day.

    I also take probiotics, an acidophillus and bifidus mix every 3rd day, a special one for veins every 3rd day, and saccromyces boulardii about once per week
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      Seems pretty high carb, not saying that's bad though! How does this diet work for you?