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How to change diet when always red (what is "flushing"?)

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  • How to change diet when always red (what is "flushing"?)

    Hi everyone,

    I'm 30yo. Had rosecea for few years now on my nose. My nose is ALWAYS really greasy and red. My sebum is in overdrive all day and all night. I wake up in the morning and have to wipe the grease from my nose. The only time my nose isn't really oily is straight after a shower. My pores are obviously inflamed & i have heaps of blackheads (eeww).

    I'm trying to look at diet but here's the issue. When people talk about diets online it seems like they say that certain foods make them "flush". So naturally you keep a diary and when this happens you note it and cut it out of your diet, fairly straight-forward.

    But when people say they "flush" does that mean they weren't red for a period and then suddenly they are?
    Or does it mean they were red and now it's worse?
    Or both?

    My issue is normal foods don't tend to make a difference. I'm just always red & greasy. How am I supposed to know what to cut out when there's never any real difference? Sure certain things do make it worse. Classics triggers like alcohol, humidity, lack of sleep, junk food. They're obvious.

    But regular food doesn't seem to change anything for good or worse. Im just always red and greasy. Does that mean im always "flushed". How am I supposed to know whether dairy is good or bad? or whether berries make a difference? should i be eating bananas? etc. When there's never any change?

    It's very frustrating. Any help appreciated

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    Flush usually refers to not being red and then suddenly getting an upwelling of heat and redness in the face. It can build up over time to be a constant state. In your case it does not sound so much like flushing as just being inflamed.

    For greasy acne prone skin, usually it is suggested to eliminate dairy. Also refined sugar, soy, and chocolate. I would start with dairy. If you don't want to eliminate it completely try only to eat nonfat plain yogurt-- this is good to keep the good digestive bacteria coming in. You can sweeten the yogurt if you must by adding some fruit like berries. You can try eliminating one thing for a month to six weeks and see if there is any improvement. If not, eat it again to your liking and see if there is any worsening. If no, keep eating it.

    What are using on your face topically for cleansing? If I were you, I might look into making my own toner using apple cider vinegar and possibly tea tree oil to balance the sebum.