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Am I in the clear now ?!? "recovery from Rosacea/SD <fingers-crossed>".

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  • Am I in the clear now ?!? "recovery from Rosacea/SD <fingers-crossed>".


    This is my first post and I'd like to thank all the posters on this site for contributing. I was a stalker for some time while dealing with both the physical and emotional effects of Rosacea and Seborrheic Dermatitis.

    I may have had SD for over a year, but it was regulated to my scalp. When the problem was local to my scalp, I didn't mind so much. I would pick my scalp, it would heal and the cycle would repeat itself. Once I started treating my scalp with Selsen Blue, Nixol, etc... The problem migrated to my forehead and then less than a week later, it spread to the area between my eyebrows and eyelids and I also experienced redness and acne on the cheeks. Once things escalated to this point, it became unbearable to sleep (night crawling) and I immediately saw a dermatologist.

    The dermatologist didn't correlate the crawling sensations at night to demodex mites. Surprisingly, neither did my Primary Care Physician. The dermatologist chalked it up to nerves or stress, he even stated my rosecea/sd seemed due to "something in my environment". He prescribed (30) 100mg Doxycycline Hyclate and a tropical cream "Promiseb". I used the recommended treatments and I'm 22 days into it and feeling 100% better. However; I'm not certain that the improvements were from the dermatologist treatments. At the same time (22 days) I took advice from various forums and applied a few other things as well...

    Here's some personal treatment I applied to give you an overview:

    shaved head, kept beard shaved daily.
    two week period of cold showers
    two week period of sulfur soap for face and body (found it too drying on skin and quit).
    - NOTE: if I experienced itching at night I would get up and take a shower in the dark.
    two week period moisturized body, scalp and face with coconut oil during the day and at night (quit, too messy).
    cleaned eyelids with baby shampoo to no avail (later upgraded to Sterilid eye wash and OCuSOFT wipes in unison).

    joined gym - personal training sessions 2-3 times a week, followed by 30-45 minutes in sauna or steam room.
    changed bed sheets every 3-4 days, put gold bond medicated powder under mattress cover.
    separate drying towels for body and face. never used the same towel twice.

    no yeast in diet for past 22 days (cheated last night with glasses of whiskey no symptoms yet).
    no alcohol (except for last night )
    no colognes/perfumes
    no deodorants
    no sugary sweets like candies or pastries, occasional dark chocolate sweet. ate fruits regularly.

    last 10-12 days - showered with Dr. Bronner's tea tree oil - applied to body and scalp.
    last 10-12 days - moisturized body, scalp and face with Cerave
    last 10-12 days - 2-3 times a week bath soak in epson salt & aveeno oatmeal and couple drops of 100% tea tree oil for 20-30 minutes.
    last 10-12 days - Sterilid eye wash day & night. OCuSOFT lid wipes throughout the day and at night (5 or 6 wipes a day).

    This pretty much sums up my activity dealing with this problem. I've had my first 2 or 3 days now of no issues with my eyes and the redness on my face has cleared up considerably. I am also able to sleep without the crawling sensations and itching. I still have some dark spots, that appears to be hyper-pigmentation. I'll wait till my follow-up with my dermatologist to address my skin recovering, but I am feeling a lot better and I was able to comfortably go out socially for the first time last night. I gave in to the temptation to have a couple of drinks (5 or 6 bourbon and whiskey drinks) and there didn't appear to be any affect on my skin.

    My current physical symptoms:

    eyes still have redness - liquid drops, doesn't seem to help. I have appt. with optometrist next week.
    have some dark spots on skin - hoping it clears on its own.
    eyelids still wrinkled, have wrinkles in under eye area too. It looks like I aged 5 years since this whole thing started.

    If anyone has some insight as to what factors may have improved my SD/Rosecea I'd love to hear from you. Also, let me know if you feel I'm in the clear now. I'd like to start back with a normal life, but I'll definitely continue the level of cleanliness I gained from this ailment. This has been an eye-opening (pun) experience.