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Masturbation the best way to heal inflammation temporarily?? Serious topic

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  • Masturbation the best way to heal inflammation temporarily?? Serious topic

    Hi, I have had Rosacea for about 5 years. l I can randomly feel my Rosacea skin be itchy etc and not look much redder or even redder at all on how normally looks. Usually though it is just a bit more red. The feeling is much more on the right and left hand side of my nose compared to the rest of my skin.My skin can just randomly feel dry no matter what I put on it. Washing my face with water/putting on more Rosacea serum when I feel inflamed only makes it worse or doesn't help. This has been the case now with multiple products I have used.

    The only relief I can get is if I masturbate. Most of the inflamed feeling goes away and my skin will go back to it's normal redness state most of the time if I am not just doing a quick one.

    Now for people who have sex/masturbate daily do you find this is the case for you?? I wonder can it be good for Rosacea to masturbate 30 mins-1 hour each day or can it make the redness worse hours or the next day after until you masturbate/have sex again?

    The inflamed feeling on my skin can go away without ejaculating so I think I am going to try just masturbate and not ejaculate for a period and see if that can help my random inflammation feelings I get. I can get the same inflamed feeling again but it is not for 3 hours or so after.

    I feel like this topic needs to be discussed for guys here because honestly, It is the best temporary relief I can get from my Rosacea skin. Has anybody had success keeping their Rosacea under control masturbating and not ejaculating maybe??? I am pulling strings here but I need relief and want to be doing all I can to get it.

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    I'm feeling kind of bad for you here as no one will probably answer ... But, yeah, I think you're right. Everyone knows stress worsens rosacea. One reason might be that stress releases histamine. And when you're having fun you are lowering stress. It's probably more complicated than that and I wouldn't be surprised if adrenalin, serotonin, hormones also had a part to play in all of this. Still it's a way to treat a symptom and it might have a similar outcome as exercise. It might be a way to deal with inflammation and I think you're brave to post this, however if it's more of an obligation and also something that has to continue for a specific period of time it might do just the opposite. But if it's something you're enjoying but haven't taken the time doing, why not. Actually, it's a whole body approach with no medication, burning acid, stinging sensitizing topical – quite unusual ;)


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      Forgot to mention that I also think it aids getting rid of toxins, perhaps by help from increased blood flow.


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        Quite interesting. Like Kill said, perhaps it is linked to lowering your stress levels through masturbating, and thereby making a small short-term change in hormone levels? I cant say I've noticed this correlation between masturbating and relieving the inflamed feeling like that. However, I have noticed how much better my face feels when I'm with a girl, which involves sex, but in my case I think it is more about the non sexual intimacy and the relaxation it brings with it.

        It will be interesting to hear if there's other guys who have experienced the same effect as you.


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          I wonder if it has anything to do with the fact that when guys get an erection, it is because of the massive amount of blood flow down there. Is it possible that it is drawing the blood in the capillaries in the face that cause flushing, down there? Maybe the blood is just diverted? Just a thought :-)

          Also though, decreasing the stress levels does help too.