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Are there topical antihistamine creams or anti-inflammatory vitamins?

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  • Are there topical antihistamine creams or anti-inflammatory vitamins?

    Hi everyone, I have food allergies that increase my hormones and set off my Rosacea. And just tonight I ate some raw cookie dough, which set off another episode where my face breaks out and gets flush and swollen and I feel very achy. I guess it must be the raw egg that did it to me. I quickly chewed up a Singulair and downed some liquid antihistamine and now I am sucking on ice to cool my face down a bit and covered my face in zinc oxide.

    I take Oracea, but it doesn't work on eliminating the reactions to my many food allergies. I have figured out over the years that I am allergic to soy/lagumes (which is in practically everything from hair products and soaps to sauces and packaged foods), sesame, almonds, dairy, and now raw eggs.

    Anti-inflammatory vitamin? - I really need some kind of vitamin specifically formulated for inflammation that I can take daily so these episodes aren't so severe.

    Topical antihistamine cream? - Also wondering if anyone knows of a topical antihistamine cream that I can make at home or get over the counter. I actually put the antihistamine liquid on my face tonight hoping that would help a little. Do you think it would be good to crush a Singulair up and mix with water and rub it on your face?

    Laser? - I have tried every medication including Accutane for my acne. I haven't tried laser yet though. I think that is my next experiment.