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Help controlling/curing my rosacea?

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  • Help controlling/curing my rosacea?

    Hello! I have recently been diagnosed by my dermatologist as having mild rosacea. This has confused me, as I am only a freshman in high school this coming year and I'm relatively healthy. I am a vegan (though, when diagnosed, I was still a vegetarian). When I first started having rosacea symptoms, I was eating lots and lots of white bread, cheese, milk, peanut butter, butter, soda, ect. (An excessive amount of greasy bread foods in particular). I've never really had much acne (mind a couple of pimples now and then) and keep my face very clean, however, rosacea has REALLY taken a toll on my self confidence. I am very pale-skinned and live in Georgia, which means I get a fair amount of sun, but I have since started taking more caution of going out without sunscreen. (By the way, I have only had rosacea symptoms for 5-6 months at most). About 2 or 2 1/2 months ago, I did a lot of research and changed my diet dramatically. I have since been eating lots of peanut butter, whole-wheat bread, fruits, almond milk, and granola bars. About a week to a few days ago, I read that sometimes granola, peanuts, and gluten can be harmful to it as well. So I stopped with the wheat and peanuts. Now I mainly eat strawberries, blackberries, apples (LOTS), pears, grapes (mostly black an red, some green), blueberries, almond milk, pomegranate juice, red bell peppers, celery, carrots, cucumbers, lettuce, baby spinach, ect. I trie some chamomile tea this morning, but it's gonna take some getting-used-too. I also have green and black tea. I excersise by running at least 2 miles with my dog every day. I have completely abandoned all greasy foods and caffine and sugar. I also have SUMADIN face wash, Finacea, Clindamycin, and Doxycycline (give to me by my dermatologist to use). Is there any way the rosacea could go away, or for my skin to totally clear back up again? Thanks for your help!

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    Hi Ya Kid! Well bless your heart for being so incredibly proactive and making those positive changes. Nice work!

    It may take some time for the effects of dairy and wheat to leave your system. So you may have already taken care of the problem right there. That's one thing...

    The other thing is many people have found that fluoride causes serious health problems including skin problems. ~~> Everything You Need to Know About Acne and Fluoride, also known as Fluoroderma It's amazing how many places that crap is hidden including many medications. ~~> Index of Fluorinated Pharmaceuticals Getting fluoride out of your system can be complicated and take some effort. ~~> How to Detox Fluorides from Your Body

    Many people, including myself, have found great success treating them selves for demodex mites. Do a forum search for threads on that topic and you will find several different techniques for killing them off. This thread helped me the most. ~~> How I got my demodex infestation under control - try this method! I also encourage people to increase their intake of sulfur based foods. ~~> Foods Rich in Sulfur (Except do not put corn or corn based products in or on your body. Almost all corn is now GMO and it is killing off our body's natural flora and fauna which leads to all sorts of health problems, including rosacea. LOL)


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      I don't think it's the mites. It doesn't itch or move around. However, I will make sure of this by eating some more broccoli and sulfur-rich foods. Also, my SUMADAN face wash is sulfur based, an I use that twice per day.

      As for the fluoride.... Darn. That's probably quite a problem.... All the toothpaste in the house is fluoride, the tap water has fluoride, and with all the fruit I eat, I'm hoping they don't have it too. But it sounds like I'm suffering from some fluoride effects. Including something wrong with my thyroid- the doctor noticed it was quite swollen but we didnt know why. Guess I do now! Well, how do I fix this... I suppose next time I go to the grocery store, I can buy some toothpaste without fluoride. I could also get a fluoride filter for the sink, if they have one. If not, would bottled water suffice? And what kind of bottled water? As for the fear of it being in my fruit, there is a local produce stand I could get my fruit from instead if thy would be better... Also, do you have any tips on how to de-fluoride me after I stop taking in so much?

      Also, I have some other questions. Like, since I have some intolerance for gluten, could I healthily replace my servings of whole grains with brown rice or gluten-free bread? Are there other grains that would work better? And also, I recently bought a bottle of flaxseed oil because I need some fats. I have always been extremely skinny, and going on a rosacea diet is definately not helping that. I hardly ever consume any fats at all and I seriously need to. Do you know how much flaxseed oil I should consume daily for a healthy amount of fats, an how I can eat it with my other foods?


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        Oh My Goodness! LOL Lots of questions.

        So .. good to hear you are already using sulfur on your skin. Excellent.

        Whew.. fluoride.. yeah.. nasty stuff. You can go buy fluoride free tooth paste or make your own, but save that for later when you have all these other changes well established. "Toms Of Maine" makes some good fluoride free tooth paste.

        As for the water,.. it's not easily filtered out. We have a water distiller and we buy gallons of distilled water at the store for under a dollar. I get the distilled kind because some bottled water actually has fluoride in it. Crazy. Please do your own research on all this before you take an action. If you do use distilled water, it is a good way to detox, however if do it for very long it will also leach out the minerals your body needs. Caution on that. I have mineral rocks I bought at the health food store and I literally have my water "on the rocks."

        Fluoride is a common ingredient in insecticides/herbicides used on fruit and veggies so getting organic from local growers is best... HOWEVER.... don't not eat all those amazing fruit and veggies if you can't get organic. Wash them really well and eat them. They help detox us anyway. In regards to detoxing, I did provide a link on how to do that above.

        Deciding to be a vegan means really learning about nutrition and trying all sort's of new things. Have you tried avocados? They are high in the good fats and very tasty. Eat lots of nuts, just not peanuts like you already know about, they have lots of the good oils. You can also learn how to cook Quinoa and Buckwheat, (not really a wheat), they are both seeds but cook and eat like a grain with out inducing allergy like responses and they are loaded with good minerals and protein. You can add your oils that are high in Omega 3 fatty acids (cocoanut oils is one of those) to those dishes. Yummy!

        I also needed to help my thyroid because of the fluoride and seem to have successfully calmed it down by detoxing and adding potassium iodide supplement and adding LOTS of powdered kelp to my food. Do research into that too.


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          Ok, I went to the produce stand and got locally grown produce- including some yummy pears! I couldn't find a water filter so I went to the natural foods section and got a gallon of spring water. I had trouble finding some no-fluoride toothpaste, but I eventually found some. Except it's My Little Pony Toddler Training XD but it'll work. I tried making some kale chips this morning.... And ohmygosh kale is sooo not my kinda food. I can't stand the smell! I also bought some brown rice bread. Is that healthy? I've been trying to make my face clear up for so long, but nothing is bringing a big result! I hope de-fluoriding helps..


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            Kale chips are not for everyone. You have more courage for tackling a new diet then any 14 year old I have ever met. Good for you.

            You have to set your mind for the long haul on this issue Kid. Skin issues are early warning signs the body is having trouble of some kind. It didn't get that way over night and it won't go away over night. You have made changes that will save you major health problems later. Great start. Give this new set of behaviors time to settle in and do their work.

            Did you follow the link to see if any of the medications they put you on has fluoride in it? Worth checking into.

            Also know that the hormone shifts you are experiencing at this age will impact how reactive your skin is.. that's just not something you can fix at this moment.

            The rice bread may or may not be healthy. You have to read labels. Right now you want gluten free and no high fructose corn syrup or those kind of nasty chemicals. You don't have to be perfect at this.. just aim for getting the major toxins out of your world. Gluten, dairy, peanuts, processed sugars, and fluoride are the top nasties to clean out first. The less processed, chemical free the better. Then you have to give your body tons and tons of good nutrition to help it heal and detox.

            And oh by the way.. having fun and joy in your life is the most healing thing you could ever do!


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              Haha yeah my mom and friend like kale chips but they taste and smell too much like vinegar of some sort to me (I am not a fan of vinegar)

              Also, I really like spinach. But I read it can be bad for digestion and stuff, but I eat it more than any other veggie. Is spinach ok to eat?

              And as for the toxins. I've been abandoning all the dairy and processed sugar for 2 or 2 1/2 months.. I've also been detoxifying myself via daily excersise of running at least 2-3 miles per day. I'm removing all the gluten from my body and I am going into getting out all the fluoride too. No more fluoride toothpaste, washing/locally buying all my fruits, drinking water with no fluoride. The water I gotta replace my tap water intake was natural spring water, microfiltered, and ozonated. How long would it take before all the worst toxins are mostly gone? Will it make my skin better? I'm so determined to fix my diet because my skin looks so horrid.. It's all rough and unevenly toned, my cheeks and nose are bumby/inflamed and pink and my chin has strange dark spots all over it. I get really embarrassed by it, especially in front of my friends. I want to fix this as soon as possible before it gets worse and try to make it disappear and be a normal kid again... Do you think that's possible or just an empty hope?


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                I know it's entirely possible you can regain healthy skin again. It will just take a little time... and patience... and keeping learning about health. If what you are doing hasn't made a big difference in 6 weeks, then you can look at what else to try. Don't overwhelm yourself with all the possible things to try right now. Go with what you are doing now.

                The water you selected is awesome. Not a thing wrong with spinach.. have all you want.

                I'm sorry you are dealing with this. It's very hard to be a teenager, we all become incredibly self conscious and self critical. There is not much someone else can say that really helps us gain perspective and develop the awareness that most everyone else is totally lost in their own suffering and not paying us much attention at all. But, it's the truth.. they are very busy with their own pain. Have you ever spent any time thinking about someone else's skin problems? Ever? Try your best to just be with your friends and not have your "skin problem" be with them.

                Hang around here and read about with other are trying and see if you get some new insights about what might be going on with you.

                And.. oh yeah.. go have some fun!


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                  Thank you so much! Switching my diet has really helped my face. I feel so much happier and healthier eating fruits, veggies, and nuts instead of pizzas and sodas. However, my parents seem a little concerned with my new food range. They Believe I am cutting out an unhealthy amount of my usual diet (i used to eat mainly wheat and dairy). I understand their worries, as I am an unusually small girl for my age, usually associated as a "twig" or "runt". However, this new diet has caused me to loose a considerable amount of weight, which in my case, is not good (though I have regained a small bit). Though I eat large amounts of fruits thought the day, I seem to gain virtually nothing to help me grow to normal size. I do eat a fair amount of cashews, oats, and flax seeds to try to grow, but they seem to have little effect... I want to stick to an alkaline, rosacea-friendly diet, but I don't want my family to worry more about my size. Is there any rosacea-friendly fatty food out there to help? Would protein-shakes work, or maybe some fruit/tofu smoothies?
                  I know I probably worry about all this too much, but I am very intent on ridding myself of rosacea, preventing any other face/skin impairment from effecting me, and staying at a normal size, if that's possible ._.