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Swelling of cheek/jaw. Help, confused!

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  • Swelling of cheek/jaw. Help, confused!

    Hi everyone
    Does anyone have a swelling in their cheeks or jaw? It is very very slight like you wouldnt notice unless i pointed it out. The cheek pain is itermittent but very sore. It doesn't feel like its a skin type pain if that makes sense. It feels almost like a raw nerve thats deep down in my cheek & it stays for a few days at a time. The jaw swelling/tightness is more constant but manageable as far as pain, its more an ache type feeling. I questioned tmj but could that swelling go into my cheek?! I also questioned maybe a food allergy...Or maybe its tmj & the rosacea is triggering the cheek? Sooo confused. Anyone experience this? If you do get pain/swelling with your rosacea can you describe the pain so I'll be able to compare them? And also what do you do to relieve it? Any other guesses or suggestions are always welcome. I'm miserable

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    I would definitely visit a neurologist. This is probably not related to rosacea since it involves your jaws as well...


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      I think it's fairly common for people with flushing from rosacea to experience stinging or burning pain and swelling, but I haven't seen anyone describe it as soreness or state that it feels like it's coming from deep within the tissue. Is it possible that you have a dental or jaw infection?


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        Thanks for your responses. I think the jaw is unrelated to the rosacea as well because I did an experiment last night. I purposely ate spicy chicken & French fries & as I was eating a painful flush took hold in my left cheek. It's almost like there's a line drawn underneath my cheek bone & from that line up I get pain, swelling & redness. It hurt for about 3 hours so I'm pretty sure the spicy food induced the flush. The pain really is terrible
        Ill have to get the jaw sorted out separate but I know that the cheek pain is far worse when it comes & I'd like to figure out a way to crush it ASAP. Probably too soon for an lasers & I worry about damaging the area further. Any suggestions? Thank you