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    Hi Everyone

    I've been reading posts on this forum for months (since diagnosed) and i'd like to thank you all for your advice - really helpful. (ie more helpful than some of the doctors!)

    I live in Brisbane, Australia and was diagnosed late last October. I've always had sensitive skin and used to get all sorts of rashes in high school (going on the pill pretty much stopped these). I get flushing (not too much now), p+p, a little (very small) amount of pinkness, and irritation. My derm was kind of puzzled that the traditional treatments (antibiotics) and rosex weren't making a great deal of difference. So I thought I'd share was kind of working for me, and what isn't.


    So I no-longer take hotshowers, as heat is a major trigger for me. I can take tepid showers or cold showers. Or have a hot bath but put a cold compress over my face.
    Food - the only thing that causes me a real reaction is any kind of cheese. Weird I know. But I stopped things that were causing me issues I think, like coffee, tea, alcohol (I got bad flushes for ages from this but always thought it was a sulfite allergy or something). I think nightshades might be bad as well so cutting them out. And i've been doing low-ish carb (though sometimes I can't help myself).

    I've stopped using make up (as I think that may have been irritating it) but have just ordered some mineral makeup (high % zinc) from Larenim (created by someone with rosacea so hopefully it will be very sensitive). Will let you know how that goes.

    I used Neutrogena sensitive skin moisturiser (which has pretty much been the only thing I can ever put on my skin). Seemed to have a massive flushing reaction from either Aloe or Zinc0 (used both on same day, stupid I know), which lasted all last week (well I flushed once every day pretty much). I was using Rosaceacare products (facial gel and their stronium stuff as well as oatmeal cleanser) but I think there's something in that (maybe aloe) that my skin doesn't like.

    Acupuncture - unsure. The acupuncturist decided that massaging my face would help get the heat out (right...) but I think it made it worse. I was having a really bad flush that day. He also told me I should stop drinking so much water. So I quit acupuncture.

    Going to see a Psych helped initially. I would recommend that to anyone who is struggling with anxiety etc.

    Antibiotics- was on mino, now trying doxy. Using rosex as well (sparingly). Think it helps some but is no cure.


    Taking flaxseed, grape seed, st johns wort (for anxiety), vit c, lysine (started today), vitamin A. Primrose sometimes (not sure if this last one helped or hindered!)
    I think these help some, especially the flax.

    Flushing meds:

    Clonidine .05 three times daily. Just started Propranolol again, as an extra 'buffer'. Pretty sure the Clonidine has helped a lot. I only flushed I think three times and not badly in the first three months of taking it (though I had a bad week last week where I flushed every day, hence the addition of propranolol). Thanks Nat, and others who recommended these drugs, as they are 'off label' for flushing, but I think helpful. Take antihistamines occasionally.


    I wear a big hat all the time as even 5 mins sun exposure can cause me to flush!!!


    Ok so I'm going to Beijing to live for six months to do aid work. Really scared by the sorts of food reactions I might get (going to have to eat very carefully.) Any Rosaceans in Beijing/ china with advice? I'm pretty sure plain rice would be okay and steamed veg. Sushi seems to be okay (and apparently there is quite a lot of Japanese food in Beijing). Ideas?

    A few questions - how do you guys deal with your rosacea at work? I work from home at the moment but will be in an office in Beijing. I'm going to take fans over with me (haha!) including hand held but also a stand up one for my room. I will wear make up to work sometimes I think but not all the time (hides flushing and makes me more confident).

    Thoughts, ideas, suggestions welcome!!! And hello to everyone!


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    hi hula,
    I am currently in China. I lived here last year for 10 months then went home, and now have come back and been here this time for around 4 months.

    I never lived in Beijing though.

    with me when I go back home to England I dont have rosacea at all. But here in china its seems to happen.
    After 4 months the first time in china my face just on the cheeks started to get red, however when I went back to england it all went away.

    I came back again this time to a place with colder weather, but again its come back.

    I should tell you that the food here in china, is full of soy sauce, and MSG. Do you have a reaction to these at all?
    Also if you are sensitive to spice then avoid all sichuan/south western restaurants as everything here has spice, and its in high amounts as well.

    For me I still am not sure what is making my face red, recently I have been washing only with pre-boiled water, as the tap water here is pretty horrible.

    I have been learning Chinese by the way so if you need any help I would be more than happy to help.
    And dont worry about what I said too much.


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      I bought the spray can of Evian, mineral water, it's a mist...and it feels good if I feel hot. Also what helps me cover a quick flush is Max Factor Pan Stick.....i dont think they sell it in stores anymore but I get it from use the natural or the beige, sometimes both you just dab it on slightly and pat it with your finger lightly, its really excellent for covering even if my nose turns red!