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Swollen and burning nose. Does this sound like rosacea?

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  • Swollen and burning nose. Does this sound like rosacea?

    I am new around here and recently posted about my red nose and chest flushing. I have not been diagnosed with rosacea and I am not sure that is what I have. Lately my nose feels very swollen on the inside and sometimes burns on the inside as well. I went walking tonight and the weather was cold. When I came inside my nose was bright red and my face was blotchy.

    I also suffer from allergies and urticaria so I guess my allergies could be the cause of the burning and swelling. I did develop a pustule on the side of my nose (im the sweat gland) and have some small white bumps on my forehead. My forehead also feels tight (also could be from allergies). When I am walking outside, my nose burns inside from breathing in air. It's the feeling of swelling inside my nose that is really bothering me.. it is very uncomfortable.

    I know that you cannot diagnose, but does this sound like rosacea or just alleges? Can your nose turn red and swell from allergies?

    If this is rosacea, is it possible to get it under control so I can live a normal life? I am extremely worried about my quality of life. If it is rosacea, I am hopefully catching it early...will it progress if I treat it? Can laser therapy help to keep it at bay?

    Any feedback would help so much. Like I said, I am very worried and nervous about this.


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    Gee, I'm really struggling with worry right now. Nobody can offer me any help? Wow, thanks. Where's the support in the "support" forum?


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      i am not a doctor but will try to help you....

      i have responded to this thread 3 times now and it keeps logging me out....ugh. anyway i would start by treating this as an allergy problems first. i have rosacea and have white bumps on forehead, my nose gets burning hot and swollen and sometimes red. try nasalcrom nasal spray, it is over the counter at any drugstore. it helps stabilize mast cells (which cause allergic reactions and release histamine which causes swelling). use it 2-3 times a day. i also take a quercetin/bromelain combo. you can get it at any health store or vitamin shoppe or gnc. quercetin is great for allergies, it is a histamine blocker and mast cell stabilizer as well but it works systemically where the spray is more topically in your nose. bromelain is great for swelling and is a great anti inflammatory agent. give it a couple of weeks and see if it gets any better, if not then get to a dermatologist to get a diagnosis if it is rosacea so they can prescribe topical finacea or metrogel for the bumps and swelling. yes laser DEFINTLY works to keep rosacea at bay. i do the vbeam 3 times a year to zap the capillaries (they grow back every few months or so). alot of capillaries leads to flushing which leads to inflamation and swelling. left untreated rosacea can deform your skin over time. chronic swelling leads to fibrosis (tissue growth) and phymatous rosacea (thickening of tissue) which can only be treated with accutane and in more advanced cases a co2 laser which removes some layers of skin and tissue. good luck and if you have any ques. feel free to ask me.


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        red swollen nose

        Thanks Jaymee for your response-- I really appreciate it.

        I went to the emergency room on Friday night because my nose hurt so bad. It was very swollen and congested. The ER doctor looked in my nose and said that it was incredibly swollen and my turbinates were almost touching each other. He said that it could be allergic rhinitis AND non allergic rhinitis from a vasomotor response. I told the doctor that when I come inside from cold weather my nose will feel warm, swollen and red. The doctor said that can be a vasomotor response from the change of weather and/or allergies. It also happens at night when I am lying in bed. My nose will get really stuffy and warm and I will look in the mirror and it is flushed.

        I do have bad allergies and this is a bad season for me. I asked the ER doctor if what I have sounds like rosacea and he said no. Interestingly enough, my nose was not red when I went to the ER but he could not believe how swollen it was inside. He prescribed be a 10 day course of oral steroids (prednisone) to knock the swelling down. If had rosacea would the dr. think that it would look so swollen inside?

        Last night I could not sleep because my nose was so stuffy. I looked in the mirror and my nose looked red and swollen. Most of the time my nose is either pretty cold or pretty warm. I am so confused by this and it is causing me a lot of anxiety. I went to the drug store and got Nasalcrom and sudafed. I am scared and do not know what to think. It seems when I get overheated or nervous/upset, my nose turns red. Now I am always waiting for it to turn red which causing me a lot of anxiety. I am wondering if this is all happening because I do not have my anxiety under control as of yet. But how do you control your anxiety when you are so worried about why your nose is red?

        Any thoughts? Thanks again for your help!



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          are you located in ny? i ask b/c i have a great dermatologist who specializes in allergies as well so you could kill 2 birds with one stone. the prednisone is a good idea (STRONG anti-inflammatory). but if this is a chronic condition then the prednisone is just a temporary bandaid and when you stop it the swelling could come back. it definetly sounds allergy related. i would make an appointment with an eye ear nose throat doctor first. do you have insurance? if yes then your primary doctor could give you a referral and recommendation for a good ENT doc. Or you could go straight to an allergist and see what they say. Its good you bought the nasalcrom spray but you also need to start fighting this systemically. i would DEFINETLY recommend taking one zyrtec every night before's over the counter with no side effects (i take it every night!), it just makes you a little drowsy which is why it is good to take it before bed. Also try that quercetin/bromelain combo i suggested...that will stabilize the mast cells in your body (those cells release histamine and if they are overactive or overly sensitive due to allergies you can get alot of swelling). I bought mine at the vitamin shoppe. give everything a couple of weeks and then if you are still seeing redness and swelling then book an appointment with a derm so you can get topical treatment for rosacea if that is what they think you have. my anxiety isn't that bad as i have been dealing with this disease for ten years now and have pretty much controlled it to an extent. try chamomile tea (its soothing and calming), if you need something stronger ask your doc for a low dose of attivan. it is an anti-anxiety med but you can't take it more than a couple of weeks or it becomes habit forming. try to relax, you will get this situation under control, theres alot of treatments out there for allergies AND rosacea to keep it under control, just don't wait because the sooner you tackle it the quicker you can get rid of your anxiety. keep me posted. hugs...


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            Hi. No, I don't live in NY.. but thank you for offering to recommend a doctor. I went to my allergist today for my shot and the nurse said that the allergies are bad right now. I didn't get to see the doctor but am seeing an ENT on Monday. The steroids seem to be helping my nose a little but am still very stuffed up at times. I think that a lot of this has to do with my anxiety as well. My nose will feel stopped up, then I think to myself, "my nose is probably red because it feels warm" so I look in the mirror and sometimes it is red and other times it's not. The very act of looking in the mirror makes me so nervous that sometimes the rest of my face blushes real fast. I think that a lot of it is psychosomatic and I am causing a lot of the redness. I feel like this is starting to rule my life (I do suffer from am anxiety disorder so this is probably a my anxiety coming out on my skin.)

            I am going to a new psychiatrist at the end of the month and would like to ask about medications for anxiety and flushing. I have read on this board that people take clonodine and propanolol. Do they both work about the same for people?

            I am still taking the steroids and the ER doctor mentioned that I probably have vasomotor rhinitis because of how swollen the inside of my nose is. Although I do believe him and that makes sense, I still worry about rosacea because I am not sure my anxiety can handle it. Thank you for the support on this board, I truly appreciate it.

            Oh a couple more things:
            The outside of my nose never really burns or itches, it is the inside that feels swollen, dry and burning sometimes.

            I will continue to take zyrtec, use the nasalcrom and take the steroids. I hope all of this ends soon!

            Thank you again!