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    FORUM RULES: Please Read!!
    Hi everyone,
    We are listing a set of rules/policies that we would appreciate you read and abide by in order to keep the RF a lovely place to learn about rosacea and find support. Thanks for your time.

    Forum policies

    The Rosacea Forum is a collaborative community and its founders and posters have a common goal:

    Our goal with The Rosacea Forum is to create a reliable, free and friendly place to discuss topics related to rosacea such as support, treatments and research

    The Rosacea Forum has some policies and guidelines that help us to work toward that common goal.

    Key policies
    The following policies are key to a productive Forum experience, and the sooner you get to grips with them, the better.
    The Rosacea Forum is a public discussion board for rosacea. Its goals go no further. See what The Rosacea Forum is not for more info.
    Don't infringe copyrights. Submitting posts which infringes copyrights could lead to legal problems.
    Respect other posters. The Rosacea Forum contributors come from many different countries and cultures, and have widely different views. Treating others with respect is key to collaborating effectively in building a community.
    Do not use the word "cure" in the title of a thread discussing experimental treatments for rosacea or coexisting conditions.*

    *Do not push products/treatments. Please do share your experience with products you have tried and what has worked for you but only suggest products/treatments for others which have been widely tested and proven to be effective.
    What The Rosacea Forum is NOT
    A place for pointless arguing. It just wastes everybody's time, sometimes it is better to agree to disagree.
    The forum holds lots of useful information- much of it gathered from personal experiences. While it is a valuable resource we would also recommend that you visit your doctor/dermatologist.

    Behaviour guidelines
    Avoid profanity and avoid abbreviating profanities please
    No personal attacks (and move personal debates to another place such as PM or email if necessary) and please refrain from arguing for the sake of arguing. If you disagree with someone's post please politely and respectfully state your view and move on
    No posting of personal information whether you own or others.
    No legal threats
    No offensive usernames
    Please do not bite the newcomer. Remember how you felt when you joined the RF. Please be welcoming and helpful
    Signature guidelines
    Do not include any political or any off topic comments in your signature. Do not include images especially animated ones.
    Posting guidelines
    Write a descriptive title for threads.
    There are no penalties for mentioning other rosacea forums/discussion groups so do not refrain from mentioning them.
    You are not allowed to register under more than one name/email address. If you do you will be banned from the RF under the term sock puppet account. This is a serious offense and will not be tolerated.
    Posts that are argumentative, abusive or those that attack people (whether or not a member of the forum) will not be allowed to remain. This will be strictly enforced, especially regarding old issues, to try to distance ourselves from negative posts of this type. The new policy will be enforced by the editing or removal of such posts.

    Reporting posts
    If you would like to bring a post to a moderator's attention you can click the Report Post icon on the top-right hand side of each post. The icon is an exclamation point '!'. After clicking on the button, you are required to include a comment about the reasoning for reporting the post. Moderators will review the selected post and determine the appropriate course of action.
    If you have any issues with any poster at the RF please PM one/all of the moderators and we will review any problems as soon as possible. Please leave arguing and bickering out of the RF. It is not the place. We are here to inform, help and support all members as best we can and want the RF to remain an inviting and informative place to learn about rosacea and associated conditions.

    As a reminder we would also urge members to use PM for personal issues but please remember to post at the RF for the sake of everyone's benefit instead of discussing important info via PM as then everyone does not benefit. PM should be used for personal purposes and not general info posting purposes.

    Thanks very much and remember everyone...hang in there!!

    Best wishes,
    The Moderators
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