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At last I find out KPRF

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  • At last I find out KPRF

    Hey, I just wanted to say after many years of suffering with depression and social anxity because of a red face and not being able to get any information out of 3 dermatologists and about 5 GPs (they just said it was 'normal') .
    I've found out from a link on this website it must be Keratosis pilaris rubra faceii.
    Now to gather all the information I can and try and get treatment.

    Best wishes and thanks for the resources for this new information.

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    That is great news.

    Have you seen this link:

    it has a great forum


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      Hi mmee,
      You may find this thread of some interest though it is not about the face specifically. It might be helpful.

      Best wishes,


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        Thank you for links, my plan now is to get together information and research as much I can in to it and prepair a talk with my GP to seek treatment for it, I see him monthly for depression but he has refused to acknowledge the problem. I've spent so much time trying to get him to just say it must be rosacea, turns out he was right but he didn't know what it was and just said it's normal (which it certainly isn't!) Perhaps I could print out some information about it so he can understand there's even a name for it.

        I'll be mental scared for the rest of my life from this but I'm really inspired I can finally get some assistance from NHS now I know the name!

        If you have any suggestions on how to approach my GP about it to get treatment so I can attempt to have a reasonable life please do share any thoughts.

        Very best to all of you lovely people here.


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          PS. He's already referred me to 2 dermatologists about it which both said it wasn't rosacea and sent me on my way not taking it seriously, even if I hinted I wanted to kill myself over it.

          "it's nothing to worry about" bull****, I think they were just incompetent and didn't know what was wrong with me.