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  • Rosacea Triggers

    Just out of complete curiosity, I am wondering how many of you can "handle" certain common rosacea triggers without a flush or redness such as:

    A hot room
    Hot showers
    Cold weather
    Hot drinks
    Spicy food
    Acidic food (fruit juices, stuff w/ lots of vinegar, etc)
    Dairy products
    Wheat products

    I'd like to take a positive spin on this, as opposed to talking about what makes skin worse. I know rosacea isn't a party, but I think it could be sort of uplifting (particulary for those who've been recently diagnosed and are new members).

    As for me, I have almost no problem with alcohol (unless in a very warm room), exercise, sweets, spicy food, acidic food, dairy products or wheat products.
    Please list your own non-triggers!

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    I have hypersensitivity so my face is always changing colors. But my main flushes are:

    Warm room
    Cold outside (not a flush but my face looks redder than shiet)
    Any hot type of bath/shower/sauna
    I believe Marijuana (don't know if its just b/c i'm stoned when I look in the mirror or if i actually look worse)
    Hot foods
    Spicy foods
    Honestly, probably more foods but i don't keep track (i'm on a yeast-free diet right now and my face is looking better)


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      Damn it not one. Pick something different

      Having said that I can exericse without flushing as long as it a) doesnt involve anything strenuous and b) i dont put my head lower than my heart.


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        I'm good with sweets (usually), dairy and wheat and exercise as long as there is some cool air circulating. My skin looks pretty good after a workout session in fact.
        and thank goodness I am good with coffee
        as long as the temp is not too hot.

        Sometimes I can drink hard liquor without any consequences but never wine.


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          When I am sleeping I don't notice any flushing/redness
          "Get busy living or get busy dying."


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            Rosacea triggers

            I don't react to dairy, wheat or sweets. Worst triggers for me are wine, hot showers and stress/embarrassment/anxiety, heat/sun! Unfortunately I really enjoy a good glass of wine!!


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              I'm glad you're asking. Poll-type questions like this are so much fun!

              Exercise doesn't bother me unless it's extremely hot and humid outside during a walk. Hot showers aren't bad either. Don't know about alcohol since I never have it (except medicine rarely). Wheat doesn't really seem to cause a problem. The worst trigger, if I had to pick one or two, is stress and embarrassment. Sweets really make me flush if I've had too much.


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                Pretty much all the environmental triggers make me flush - especially cold weather, wind, going from cold to hot etc. - and almost none of the dietary ones except spicy food and alcohol. Time of day is a big factor for me - I flush really easily in the evening, but can tolerate far more triggers earlier in the day.



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                  I'm word-for-word the same as Kristina b; except for cold weather, which I love.


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                    Interesting - I wonder if there is a large difference in the "type" (not subtype) of rosacea between those of us who have lots of food triggers but few environmental, and those of us with lots of environmental triggers but few food triggers.

                    Maybe it would be beneficial for those with many food triggers to try out Betaine HCl and digestive enzymes? As for me, these did nothing...of course I can handle foods fine...


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                      What we need is a poll


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                        Just wanted to add that I am the same as Kristina regarding the fact that my flushing tolerance is much lower in the evening. I think this has to do with being more tired at the end of the day so you are more susceptible to triggers. I also notice that when I don't get much sleep I tend to get a few p&p's and am more flushy. However when I get a good night's sleep I have a higher threshold to flushing and less p&p's.

                        I like the poll idea


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                          Sun - in small amounts it does not bother me.
                          A hot room - takes a few minutes, but will cause a flush
                          Exercise - no problems really...used to have bad flushes, but have made progress.
                          Hot showers - not too bad.
                          Cold weather - no prob
                          Alcohol - sometimes makes me paler actually. Used to flush with alcohol, but no longer.
                          Sweets/chocolate - yeah, I think so...but have not had any sweets for a few years.
                          Hot drinks - no prob.
                          Spicy food - usually flush
                          Acidic food (fruit juices, stuff w/ lots of vinegar, etc)
                          Dairy products - do not eat.
                          Wheat products
                          Stress/Embarassment/Anxiety - this is probably the worst for me.


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                            The evening 'flushyness' goes like clockwork for me. I think its down to the operation of some internal bodily rhythm or cycle, which 'peaks' at around that time. I just make sure I'm doing stuff, and not sitting around in a warm room.

                            Definitely think that there is a 'type' affected by food. Loads of people say diet-alteration helps, while a load more (like me) swear by it doing nothing. I reckon if 'rosacea' could be differentiated into all its different 'types' (causes; instead of the purely visual categories they use at the moment) we'd make a lot of headway.

                            Opposed to a poll.
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                              No poll but everyone likes a nice visual presentation