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antiinflammatory diet-healthy diet how long before results?

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  • antiinflammatory diet-healthy diet how long before results?

    I will find it hard to stick to a very healthy diet but will do if I think that it will help improve my extremely dry sensitive swollen rosacea skin. But I wondered how long it would take to see the full benefits and does anyone have any tips?
    Thank you xxx

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    What does your diet consist of?

    I believe that it takes about one month of healing for every year you have been 'sick'.

    You might want to check out this web site:

    Currently trying: Apr 06 Bee Wilder's Candida (natural healing) Diet; May 06 Home made red LED array; Aug 06 ZZ ointment.


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      I eat healthy foods but also tends to overeat and overeat on "the wrong" foods, although I know you're not meant to claddify foods as being either right or wrong.

      Yesterday I had a massive pasta lunch- brought out, it must have had a lot of salt in it and last night I had 8, yes 8 slices of granary (quite healthy?!) bread and chocolate (dark but still.....), I think it's just that I overate these foods but my face is so swollen, it makes me want to cry. My face has changed shape :-( maybe it's the salt....

      thank you for the link... I will investigate....x


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        I know its hard but you need to really try to not eat the bad things as all it does it knock out all your hard work eating the good things.

        I wonder whether you are being too restricitve and thus craving the bad food. It may work better for you if you allow yourself one small treat a day (not too bad though).

        To be honest all of the things you mentioned can really make my rosacea worse. I dont eat pasta, rarely have bread and never add salt to my food. Instead I eat couscous or rice, have cereal instead of bread. It might have less of an affect on you if you try a digestive enzyme supllement.



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          you might be flooding your system with sugar - too much carb without enough balancing protein and fat.

          Try eating what you need to eat, but changing the proportions. Nice big salad, good serving protien. Pasta is a side dish, not a main meal.

          To see if you are carb sensitive I suggest you get your willpower together and try a low carb diet like South Beach for about 2 weeks. in that time you will know if it is going to make a difference or not.


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            you have to figure out what your triggers are!

            it took me years.

            maybe... continue to eat some of your fav things... for instance lactose stuff... then stop the other categories known for rosacea... see if that helps.
            then intoduce others... see what happens... switch around ect. or start doing the opposite.

            i mean... we all are different... sometimes it takes minutes up to weeks for an outbreak on thy face.... but for me at least.... even if it takes a few weeks... i know immediately something i ate my body no longer wants, but i might test/push the limit......some other things.. my face proves it in mins.

            with or without meds... once i stop eating the trigger foods.... within a few days that throbbing pain feeling stops. so it seems.
            Eat up your spinach, it'll put color in your cheeks.
            But I don't want green cheeks!