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LOW FODMAP DIET is curing my Redness

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  • LOW FODMAP DIET is curing my Redness

    I wanted to share my discovery. In the last 2 years or so, I have tried a lot of diets because I have found that my redness is directly related to what I eat. I didn't know on what principles so I started trying different diets from Vegan to Keto to Carnivore, gluten free, dairy free etc. With different results sometimes better sometimes worse.

    But it always felt like that wasn't it. I also did various nutritional tests, for allergies, IgE, IgG, MRT, food diaries. Again, something was up, but it didn't really work. I was all over the top because I knew I was looking in the right place, but I didn't know what I was looking for. I had a list of products that were harmful to me and those that did not, but surprisingly it seemed to change over time. In general, I have had Rosacea and a number of other accompanying symptoms for 20 years.

    The breakthrough came two weeks ago when I was on a business trip to another city. It's hard to eat by following the diet rules when you land in a hotel for the next few days, so I took from home only simple ingredients that I could prepare in my room plus bottles of apple juice. Apples have been with me for most of my life. They never caused any problems after eating or drinking them directly, I would never suspect them of anything, they landed on my list as the most okay to eat.

    Throughout the trip, my redness was strong, especially in the evenings, although I barely ate anything. And then I looked at the apples with an unfavorable eye. I thought what they could do in the body to cause this effect. The first association is fermenting. So I entered problems in the apple fermentation in googles and then articles about LOW FODMAP DIET appeared. After reading it, I told myself I got it, I downloaded 3 different apps on my phone that indicated products with low FODMAP content.

    In general, these are products containing Oligos, Fructose, Polyols, Lactose, all related to sucrose, you can search for. Ingredients that ferment in the gut. It is possible that my gut biota is not coping with these ingredients or is coping with heavy shipping and wastage. It's hard to say, at the moment I have been on a diet containing only products with low amounts of fodmaps for 2 weeks, I reject highly processed products and those that have many different ingredients. Now I feel and look really good. I will even say that better than well, I haven't had any attacks or recurrences of symptoms in these 2 weeks. Which I think never happend on any other diet I used before and definetely on any other medicament I was on or after the many lasers I had through the years. If someone has not tried yet and has similar problems with the red face, I recommend trying even for these 2 weeks or whatever will change, if this is a good solution for me, there will probably be a few people in this group for whom this diet can help, especially since it costs nothing.

    Really go and try it if you feel bad even hours after eating, if the evenings are really bad and the mornings look less bad, then definetely try this option it can save a lot of pain.

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    I would like to have some additional information:

    - what symptoms did you have? Flushing? Pimples? Only flushing with food, or with other things like stress, exercise?
    - what other symptoms (other than redness) did you have in your body?
    - What does a typical meal you eat now look like? (it seems to me that the low fodmap diet excludes most fruits and a lot of things considered "healthy" right?)

    thank you for this testimony it seems promising.

    I also have a lot of redness in the evening. Especially when I come home from a day's work and feel tired, then I can have a pretty heavy flush for about 1 to 2 hours and after that it calms down. Is that also what you had?


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      Hey Mate,

      - I have had only Flushing, no pimples at all on the areas where the redness persist. Food, stress, excercise, sunlight, wind, cold weather, warm rooms, most of the normal things agrravate my redness. My face skin was super sensitive to everything, couldn't touch it without getting irrational response.

      - I have Keratosis Pillaris on my arms, acne on my back and forehead, some on my chest, heavy dandruff, often inflamation of the joints, all the time rhinitis.

      - actually the fruits are haevy limited, because of the fructose which can ferment in your guts. I still try to come up with the specific meals I experiment with different products that have low fodmap. You can find apps if you search Low Fodmap for your phone which shows you which products to avoid.

      Afternoons and Evenings where also the worst times for me. Only in the morning I could have a little time of comfort.