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  • MRT Test results

    I just did a test for food intolerances to which I was skeptical, but I walked around the topic, checked, read, and finally, after months of analyzes, I found that it would be difficult, at most it would be an additional brick for me, which would not contribute anything.

    I did not talk to the doctor who took the blood about my ailments or my suspicions to what types of food I might be intolerant to.
    Earlier, for the last year, I have been testing food diary which may be harmful to me and selected a few.
    At the fore was cow's milk with preserves, ie cheeses, cheesecakes, etc. Recently I also started to suspect MSG, monosodium glutamate. I knew coffee and oranges also had redness effects in me. But IgE tests never showed any abnormality.

    I did the MRT test and got the results yesterday.

    Short about the test:

    "MRT is an indirect method of accurately measuring mediator release. MRT does this by measuring changes in the liquids to solids ratio of your blood after your blood has been exposed and incubated with the test substance. It accounts for all reactions by your immune cells. This is done as an indicator that your immune cells have released chemical mediators such as histamines, cytokines and others. Significant reactions are broken into either Reactive (Red), Moderately Reactive (yellow) or insignificant reactions (Green)."

    Common doctors and Academics says that there is no academic evidence that this test is working, giving right results or that the tolerances are based on nothing scientific.

    Anyway my test showed as follow:

    RED: yelow cheese, cottage cheese, cow milk, MSG E621, wheat
    YELLOW: beetroot, pumpkin, cofeine, sugar cane, coriander, erythrosine E127, orange, Lima beans, mustard, peanut, raspberry, strawberry, yeast, yoghurt

    I have to admit that the test overlapped a bit with my previous information, especially due to the indication of milk and its derivatives, MSG E621 is a popular monosodium glutamate that I actually suspected recently.

    Wheat is a big surprise to me, especially since most of the products I deal with are wheat, most of the products in stores contain golden ears of wheat. This is a big blow. As for the rest, the caffeine, oranges, yoghurt, which I also suspected earlier, also appeared in yellow.

    On one hand the test may show the usual common allergens and thus increase the chance that any of the allergens will confirm our own observations.

    On the other hand almost whole RED zone products confirm my own previous expierences.
    I want to try it though, eliminate all products from RED an YELLOW zone / which will be really hard / and see the results for myself . If there is a chance that it may help I will take it.