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Food additives causing Flushing Rosacea

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  • Food additives causing Flushing Rosacea

    I'm starting to test various food additives that can cause flushing, a redness on the face similar to Rosacea. I start with MSG and sodium nitrate. I ordered pure supplements, checked my maximum daily intake, and by trying to stick to them for a few days,

    I would see if my symptoms worsened. In the meantime, I will be on a diet consisting of products that are as least processed as possible, preferably one that has a minimum amount of additives, and those that I have tested do not cause redness. If I can find something, I will let you know in the next post.

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    Here is the arcticle that inspire me to do my research


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      Yes, many rosaceans have posted that changing their diet has improved their rosacea. As your article points out, not only the sugar, but MSG and other chemicals in processed food needs to be ruled out at what is causing all the brain issues in children and returning to a more natural, healthy diet has shown improvement with many children. Diet triggers always come up in any rosacea discussion. Thanks for you reference to the article. Much success with your changes in diet and as you have pointed out, you will hopefully post your results in this thread you have started.
      Brady Barrows
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        Here is more about MSG from

        Yesterday I went to shop and tried to buy some food without MSG or many of his copycats, because as in previous post article table producents call him in several dozen different ways.

        Well there is hardly any food that doesnt contain it even the raw minced meat contains it. At least they dont inject it into the eggs (I hope).


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          Face flushing, flushing of the skin, swelling of the face, Feeling of pressure on the face, Pain in the face, back, neck or chest

          "While MSG may not affect everyone, it appears that some people are extremely sensitive to it or other food additives."