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  • Plant based diet

    I am just curious if anyone is trying a plant based diet to help heal? I am currently doing whole30 and then will do partly plant based, at least 4 days a week and have meat/fish 3 days a week. I don't have much meat anyway. But I have been reading a lot about the plant based diet and healing your body.

    Before my diet was so bad all carbs (bread, pasta) and cheese. Lots of dairy. I had like 1-2 servings of veggies/fruits a day. I cant beleive it! My body was screaming for nutrients and the rosacea is what has made me get back on track.

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    I have written a post on this subject since it has come up before. Enjoy.
    Brady Barrows
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      Brady Barrows, I was not able to read your article through that link. CAn you post it?

      Anyway, happy to report, my rosacea is almost all gone. I am eating plant based whole foods 80% of the time. I do allow one or two meals during the weekend of foods I used to eat, such as gluten free pizza one night and one night a burger. But the rest of the time having things like brown rice with veggies and tofu, salads, beans etc.

      I am feeling great.