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  • Food Experiment Open Diary

    This thread is for everyone who wants to participate!

    Those of us who know or suspect that diet may have an impact on our skin can post what we eat and what we perceive to be the outcome from eating that thing in this thread.

    I keep a pretty close eye on what I eat because I'm trying to lose weight so I track all my food in an app. That gives me loads of data I can hopefully use to help track down which foods exacerbate my rosacea and which ones don't seem to make any difference. Because I track food for weight loss I also keep track of amounts, but it should be enough to just say whether you had any of a particular food.

    Feel free to participate as much or as little as you like -- hopefully over time we can build up enough anecdotes to where we can start to draw some more generalized conclusions!

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    Food Diary


    just the quick update. I got the new thread - I am not sure I am going to post anything tomorrow - I have to go to the wedding (otherwise it would be ugly scene) but I am dreading it (there is everything to worsen my rosacea - hot stuffy room, emotions, cosmetics, travel not to mention food) so I might not have time to update my diary but I am making mental note of what I consumed and I will post it when I am free.

    It would be good to know how to survive social occasions with minimal damage when you have rosacea



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      I grade my face every day on a scale of 1-4, with 1 being "no sign of rosacea" and 4 being "run to the dermatologist". Since I started doing this, I've never had a "1" but in the month of August 2018, I had a flare-up (10 days in a row of "4"); after that, I've had 16 days, of which four of them were "3" and the other 12 were "2".

      I thought I'd compile the foods I ate on the days before the 3's, and separately, the foods I ate on the days before the 2's, because in my case, I don't flush immediately (or I don't notice it at least), instead I wake up the next morning redder, if I'm going to have a bad day. I hope that makes sense, I just mean that I think it's more what I ate the day before that impacts my skin rather than what I ate the same day.

      (As for what triggered by terrible flare-up of ten 4's, I believe it was primarily hormonal but I have all the food data for that also, I can do that in a separate post.)

      Foods I ate on each "Day Before a 3":

      3 whole medium chicken eggs
      200g smoked kippered herring (fish) in a tomato and oil sauce
      25g raw red onion
      1 sweet potato
      2 eggs
      200g salmon in a tomato and mango sauce
      salad of 100g lamb's lettuce (similar to watercress), 20g raw onion, 10g capers
      1 sweet potato
      2 eggs
      200g salmon in a tomato and mango sauce
      1 sweet potato
      3 eggs
      200g baked chicken breast
      2 tbsp Greek yogurt (non-fat, no added sugar)
      20g raw red onion
      50g raw white mushrooms
      1 sweet potato

      Foods that I have eaten on days before a "2" (in varying quantities):

      whole eggs, egg whites, lowfat feta cheese made with cow's milk, nonfat Greek yogurt, soft white cheese (Laughing Cow Light), lowfat (1.5%) cow's milk, cow's butter
      whitebait (very small fish), kippered herring in a tomato and oil sauce, salmon with tomato and mango sauce, salmon in a dill and mustard sauce, sardines in a tomato sauce, squid
      grape leaves stuffed with white rice
      steamed broccoli, lamb's lettuce, roasted sweet potato, boiled green beans, boiled white potato with skin, boiled carrot, raw baby spinach, raw red onion, raw red cabbage, pickled jalapeno peppers
      frozen green grapes, raisins, fresh lime juice
      olive oil, sunflower oil, vegetable oil, peanut butter (ingredients: peanuts, sunflower oil)
      decaffeinated coffee, caffeinated coffee, stevia powder, salt

      This post covers the past 2.5 weeks.

      My conclusion on this is that the tomato sauce that I had with the herring and salmon were not the cause of the "3" on the two occasions that I ate it, but rather that those "3s" were simply part of the healing process from the flare-up. The first two 3s were in fact the 2 days immediately following the 10-day flare-up.

      I think the 3 that happened in the middle of a bunch of 2s is more instructive. That's the last day listed (with the chicken). If in fact food played a role, it may have been the yogurt (considered a trigger by some).

      However we must keep in mind hormones, and as PMS and ovulation are my worst triggers, and that day coincided with ovulation, I suspect that I am not currently eating any trigger foods whatsoever, and I am attributing that "3" to ovulation. Especially since the previous month's ovulation, when I was eating a lot more liberally (and not being treated by a dermatologist), ovulation got me a couple "4s".

      In short: I believe I am not eating any trigger foods at present.


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        Originally posted by Shadow_y View Post

        just the quick update. I got the new thread - I am not sure I am going to post anything tomorrow - I have to go to the wedding (otherwise it would be ugly scene) but I am dreading it (there is everything to worsen my rosacea - hot stuffy room, emotions, cosmetics, travel not to mention food) so I might not have time to update my diary but I am making mental note of what I consumed and I will post it when I am free.

        It would be good to know how to survive social occasions with minimal damage when you have rosacea

        I am going to a wedding on Sept 16 and quite nervous about it... I was even saying that if it was really really bad (as in "run to the dermatologist" bad), I wouldn't go, and I REALLY want to go. I luckily don't have to travel for it, but all the others apply to me as well. I hope you enjoy the occasion and just forget about your rosacea and have fun!!


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          Food Diary Experiment


          that's interesting. I have the slight reaction to the tomatoes too (no change of colour but feel of tingling and slight burning) - nothing to compare to peanuts when I was flaming red (eyes and all and I feel like burning all my body). Regarding thirst - it is for me almost vice versa situation in my pre rosacea times I struggled to get the liter of liquid in me and now I am still thirsty after two liters of water. I noticed that after eating the fruit the feeling of thirst subsides.

          The physical feeling of flushes is for me almost as bad as the visual. When is bad it is painful. Do you also get the swelling?

          Funnily, for me the menses have almost no effect, it is a bit worse but not much (it's more environmental factors - I am almost like a Dracula - frantically running for shadows when there is sunny outside). Maybe, it is something with hormonal balance for you - have you tried going on pill?



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            So far I have yet to notice any food at all giving me an actual sensation in my skin one way or the other. It really does seem to be mediated by the intestine in my case in that it takes time (overnight) for anything to show up. I can't relate to eating something and feeling a tingling/burning or flushing! I wonder if it's because my body is a bit slow or if I'm just clueless heh.

            I don't get much in the way of swelling. For me the worst is the color and the texture, which can get really really bad. Lots of pustules, lots of plaques, loads of peeling. It starts to look like a sunburn because of all the peeling (but it's not -- I am like a vampire. I never go out in the sun!) I'll attach a photo of my face from during my flare-up earlier this month so you can see what I mean, and the photo is actually "flattering" compared to reality. For me it's only painful during a proper flare-up (which can be anywhere from 1/4 to 2/3 of the time). The rest of the time, it's just aesthetic.

            I haven't gone on the pill in a long time (since many years before I had rosacea) but given my age (over 35) and other risk factors (elevated blood pressure), as well as always having been miserable when I was taking it (I tried several and they all had unpleasant side effects) it's not my first choice. That said, I have considered it. Although my dermatologist ruled it out, I could get it from a gynecologist if I tried. I would like to avoid long term drugs by mouth if possible (I'd be fine with a short course of oral ivermectin or something along those lines). Luckily the dermatologist only had me on doxycycline for 2 weeks (which has come to an end as of a couple days ago).

            Day 4 - August 10, 2018.jpg


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              Food diary

              The photo is looking really bad. I would attach mine but I deleted them in the weak moment and I have the cream now so it won't get good representation. Thankfully, my skin is looking smooth. It was flaky in April at the place where I got it worst (I thought I burned my skin) and the doctor told me that I have eczema so for the considerable time I was putting on it Steroids which is the worst thing I could have done and when I managed to see derm and the moisturiser was able to get rid of flakiness. I guess I was lucky in that regard at least
              Food diary:
              1) quinoa porridge with tiny bit of mango ( shop bought small amount)
              2) chicken breast, half avocado, carrots, salad
              3) 5 cocktail sausages
              4) biggish slice of ham

              Woke up with red patches which are burning on cheeks.


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                Originally posted by Shadow_y View Post
                the doctor told me that I have eczema so for the considerable time I was putting on it Steroids which is the worst thing I could have done
                I was given steroids for seb derm 5 years ago, it was the only thing that helped my flakiness but my new dermatologist took me off it as it can make rosacea worse and probably did in my case I wish I had never used it. I was so careful with it, too -- I was told never to use it more than 3 days in a row, and I didn't. But sometimes those 3-day periods were pretty close together.


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                  Food Experiment Diary

                  OK. It was a bad as predicted.

                  I ate:
                  2 slices of ham terrine with lettuce tiny bit of pickle and miniscule slice of bread
                  rare steak with juice and potato (white one, big one)
                  one scoop of strawberry ice cream with berry compote and custard
                  1/2 chicken breast
                  tiny piece of tuna on the minuscule flatbread

                  No reaction there but woke up with angry red right cheek which feels swollen and doesn't go down. The left is almost white - it is so random. There is no logic.

                  Plus I made the horrifying discovery I am loosing hair. I went to hairdresser because of the wedding (dreading because even that flares my rosacea even if blowdry is on the coolest setting) and the hair I was loosing blocked the drain when she was trying to wash it. I was so embarrassed (that really flared my face as well). I used to have fine but really thick hair . Anyway I wonder if there is a connection. The hairdresser was saying something about weak immune system and aloe vera as the cure for it - it sound similar to rosacea. I almost tempted to try aloe vera - I've tried everything else.


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                    Seb derm


                    I also suffer by seb derm but was given medicated Vichy shampoo with Selenium which works wonders for my scalp. Also for the face I was given BlueCap cream for seb derm which also works for mild rosacea - burnt like h**** but it cleared it for me that it was in the beginning before it went really bad. At the time I didn't know that it was Rosacea I thought that it was a weird rash.


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                      Definitely do a search on the forum for hair loss / thinning hair as it is associated with rosacea! My mom has very advanced rosacea and has had thin hair for decades. It doesn't keep falling out (at least not in her case), it just gets to a more thinned out state and stays there. I haven't had that happen YET but I'm sure it's coming.

                      I am holding steady at my baseline redness so I added almonds today as my new experiment. The peanut butter (which I had every day for I think 4 days) didn't bother me at all. Almonds are tree nuts and are supposed to be a trigger so we shall see. I'll be doing 17g at a time (about 100 calories). I had them for breakfast by themselves this morning to see what would happen...

                      Yesterday I made a vegetable soup with all the "allowed" vegetables and it was horrible, I couldn't eat all of it because it was so bad. I really do not like the foods that are considered "safe for rosacea". My soup had mushrooms, red cabbage, carrot, okra, garlic, and a few little bits of other vegetables I had lying around and it was so gross. I choked it down because I need vegetables / fiber somehow. Also had some grapes and peanut butter. Neither the grapes nor the peanut butter seem to bother me.

                      We shall see how it goes with the almonds...


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                        Food diary

                        OMG!!! Will add to my research and vitamins. I think I try that Aloe Vera. You just didn't like the soup or it worsen the condition? What I really dislike is that I cannot just meet my friends for coffee. Drinking water just insn't the same. I ate today three chicken breasts with whole avocado and green salad, apple and tinned tuna. Felt swelling and the baseline redness got worse after tinned tuna, slight swelling but no change in colour after apple. Bit concerned that I don't give my body enough food to fight the rosacea off.


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                          Food diary

                          Oh and I had a cold nettle tea. No reaction.


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                            Food diary

                            I can recommend avocado- I didn't have any reaction to it. I am quite worried to try peanut butter as I have horrible violent reaction to peanuts.


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                              The problem with the soup was the TASTE! I hated it. I usually love soups, but they always have the things I actually like in them. I just do not enjoy pretty much ANY of the "safe for rosacea" foods out there. All my most hated foods are on that list. Avocado is one of the foods I just can't stand the taste of! I don't even like guacamole much less straight up avocado. Which is really too bad because it's supposed to be completely rosacea-safe.

                              My tip for meeting friends for coffee, is sparkling water, I always order that and sometimes they put lemon or lime in it which I think is fine, okay it's fruit technically but a slice of lime isn't going to do anything. And it's a lot nicer, to me at least, than plain water. I actually own a cafe and can't drink pretty much anything I sell, it's ridiculous, but I get a very nice local sparkling water from a nearby island to the one I'm on (I'm in an archipelago lol) and I drink that when I'm at my cafe and order something similar anywhere else.

                              I am also worried about the undereating that seems to come along with this elimination diet type thing. I know I'm undereating according to every single guideline out there, at my current weight and to lose weight at a healthy rate (which, again, I am trying to do) I should be eating about 1500 calories/day, my endocrinologist suggested 1600-1800 calories/day, well, yesterday I had 1034 calories but my average over the past 11 weeks is 787 calories/day. That's almost 3 months at about half what I should be getting. It's great for losing weight but it's kind of shady for nutrition. If I could find something to eat that I actually like, I would probably eat more. I like peanut butter, and I can eat that, but after about a tablespoon of it, I feel like I can't eat any more of it. It's not the sort of thing I can eat in a large quantity after all!

                              Well, yesterday was... interesting!

                              I had "normal" (for me) food all day, but then I made some muffins for my cafe and one of them caved in because I had so much filling left over that I decided to just make a muffin that was mostly filling and give it to my husband... but then I thought... you know what... I am just going to eat the darn muffin. So I had a muffin last night... it was a cornbread muffin with lime creme filling... meaning, it had: flour, sugar, milk, and cream cheese -- all things that we are NOT supposed to eat!!!! (It was delicious by the way omg. I regret nothing. It may have screwed up the Official Nature of my elimination diet but it was soooo good!)

                              Woke up this morning, face is whiter than it's been in months. So I'm not upset about it. The quantities were pretty small. The muffin was the size of a smallish cupcake, not a proper American-sized muffin. Total calories for the muffin w/ extra filling was 353 calories so you can get an idea of the size of it.

                              The other big Experiment yesterday was... ALMONDS! I had 17g of them for breakfast, caused no problems. Had another 16g of them today for breakfast, so far so good. I'll keep going with those for breakfast and hopefully they will remain not a trigger.

                              I'm continuing also with having either decaf coffee or half-caff coffee with 1.5% milk (20-30g) and stevia powder once/day and so far haven't had an issue with that one either.

                              So yesterday's food altogether was:
                              coffee, 1.5% milk, almonds, sardines in sunflower oil, raw onion, 145g frozen green grapes, grilled chicken breast, 80g nonfat Greek yogurt, capers, cornbread muffin w/ lime creme filling.

                              No reaction from any of those. My husband took a new photo of my face but hasn't messaged it to me yet so I can't upload it. It looks good *for me* but (although I haven't seen the photo yet) probably pretty bad to others, but that's okay, I'm only comparing myself to myself before!