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What foods are triggering you the most?

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    Celery juice is great for the GI tract. It doesn?t taste great, but it works.


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      Originally posted by Pantherman View Post
      Hi Mistica, my issue is the volume of dairy, the Oak milk being 600ml in 5 seconds lol. I haven't tried all the fancy stuff like lactose free or skim milks etc etc

      I can have a slice of cheese on a sandwich, no problem, I can put a small amount of full cream milk on cereal, no problem, but if I indulge and have a full bowl of milk with cereal, I will flush.

      If I have a "high powered" ice cream, Magnum as an example, I will feel it, but I can have your basic choc top vanilla no problem. So my perception is, volume of dairy per intake as a problem as well as the sugar content obviously.

      Gotta say, I started Soolantra about October, only did it for 2 weeks (I know not enough time, but i'm lazy) and I was fantastic for a couple of months, all through Chrissy, only last week did I start to flush again, co-incidentally back at work so stress is a factor, so I am back to Soolantra at night. Even the application is so damn soothing.......
      be wary for flushing that come back at a later time with soolantra and other creams like Mirvaso


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        Originally posted by TSW1988 View Post
        be wary for flushing that come back at a later time with soolantra and other creams like Mirvaso
        Maybe I have missed something, but can you cite some anecdotal reports (posts) here in RF that indicate that Soolantra causes 'later' flushing? I don't recall anyone else ever saying this. As for Mirvaso, RF is replete with plenty of threads on Mirvaso (brimonidine) rebound which some may interpret as 'flushing' but it is actually different and the line between rebound and an allergic reaction is something to consider.

        With Soolantra, either it works for a rosacean or doesn't work, and the standard time it takes to work is at least twelve weeks. Haven't heard of anyone complaining of any kind of complaint that it causes flushing, in fact, as I recall some have reported it helps their flushing.

        As for Mirvaso, either a rosacean raves about it and just loves it, or as what a substantial number of posters here at RF have confirmed, it causes a nasty rebound when you go off it and for some it causes an immediate allergic reaction to using it.
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