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Help fixing rosacea with diet, anyone?

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  • Help fixing rosacea with diet, anyone?

    Hello! I have recently been diagnosed with mild rosacea. My dermatologist says foods have no impact on the facial skin- but I beg to differ. When my rosacea first became apparent, I was eating lots and lots of bread and dairy, tons of soda, and a smaller than my normal amount of fruits. Almost not veggies. Definately no meat (I was a vegetarian). I'm only 14 and this whole rosacea thing has seriously brought down my self esteem and willingness to meet people- I don't know if it'll ever go away! After about 4-6 months of the first rosacea symptoms, I decided to take any action against it possible. Starting with changing my diet. I totally eliminated all traces of dairy, caffine, and most sugars (no more chocolate, candies, pastries, ect.) and went strictly to eating all fruits, salads, whole-wheat bread, and granola bars. However, this still had minimal effects of ridding me of my terrible new face. So, I went deeper. I cut out all gluten, bagged the granola, and brought in carrots, spinach, broccoli, celery, and pomegranate juice. Now, all I eat are berries (strawberries, raspberries, blackberries, blueberries), grapes (mostly black and red, some green), and huge huge mega ton amount of apples (gotta love those), pears, leafy greens (spinach, lettuce, an broccoli), carrots, celery, almond milk, pomegranate juice, water, rice, chamomile tea (that's taking some getting-used-to.... Yuck), and gluten-free breads. Also, some tempeh and tofu. Those are also taking some getting-used-to. After eliminating gluten, my face did progress more for the better, (still not pretty though). I also use SUMADAN face wash, Finacea, Clindamycin, and doxycycline, which were prescribed for me by my dermatologist. I recently also bought some flaxseed oil so I can get some fats (I am extremely skinny and going on this rosacea diet has cut off most fat I did have, which is not good in my case) but I don't know how to use this flaxseed oil. Anyone got ideas? Maybe I could fry some tofu in it or something???
    I also go on daily exercise runs of at least 2 miles each, usually in late afternoon so I'm not effected much by the sun's harsher rays. Can anyone help me with setting a healthy, vegan (oh yeah, I'm vegan now) gluten-free diet that'll fight against my rosacea like Chuck Norris in mini face fighter mode?

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    Since I started looking my diet I have become worse. I never had many Pimples maybe 2 or 3 pimples in week with much redness on the cheeks. Now I am covered with Pimples everywhere but the redness has subsided a bit but not by diet because it is summer and summer I always have an improvement. I have lost several pounds from the silly diet and I can not even move. JUST CARE to nutrition we mean not eating fast food or many sweets etc..This is my opinion!!
    I believe that you improved with antibiotic treatment that takes!!


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      I came across this book at the library

      The Immune System Recovery Plan by Susan Blum.

      The book is not specific to rosacea, but contains what I think is pretty good information about causes of autoimmune diseases and steps to take to improve your immune system as well as reduce further damage to it. The author has a logical approach: start with foods first, then supplement with vitamins and herbs, also discuss specific issues with your doctor. The list of foods and supplements you provided in your post are similar to some of the suggestions in the book.

      The main sections of the book are:
      Using Food as Medicine
      Understanding the Stress Connection
      Healing Your Gut
      Supporting Your Liver

      It seems like rosaceans are negatively impacted by a varied list of foods and other triggers, so what follows seems to be helping me a bit, but use your own judgment and seek medical and/or nutritional advice too.

      Flaxseed oil is on your list, but I take fish oil since I am not a vegetarian - it is a more potent source of EPA/DHA Omega 3's. My dose right now is two capsules per day for a combined EPA/DHA of around 2,000 mgs. You will need to take a considerable amount of flaxseed oil to match the potency of fish oil, so you might look for alternate methods of delivery as well as alternate vegetarian sources such as hemp seeds and chia seeds. I supplement with flaxseed oil capsules too, and also ground flaxseed. Grind whole seeds in small amounts using a personal coffee grinder dedicated to the task, don't buy it already ground - it doesn't stay fresh and you want fresh. Grind small amounts and sprinkle it over stuff you eat, like cereal, oatmeal, salads etc. Keep both the unground seeds and your smaller amount that you grind in the refrigerator. As a matter of fact, keep all of your oils and oil-based capsules in the refrigerator. Hemp seeds and chia seeds (both high in omega 3) can be ground in the coffee grinder used for grinding flaxseed.

      I also started supplementing with evening primrose oil (even though it is marketed to women ) as one of my sources of GLA, but GLA can also be found in borage oil, and black currant oil. Look for capsule form in addition to oils. I mainly cook with olive oil and also use olive oil for dipping (gluten free bread). Use care to not overheat olive oil if you cook with it since it breaks down with high heat. Take a look at hemp oil too if you can get it. It has the "perfect 3 to 1 ratio" of omega 6 to omega 3 that I have read is recommended.

      I have increased my probiotic intake dramatically, now taking about 30 billiion CFU's daily, with mixed sources of "good" bacteria. I am contemplating increasing my intake even further. If you take probiotics look at the expiration date and get the freshest you can find, I think they degrade over time. Most packages show the high number of CFU's at manufacture and a significantly lower number available at the expiration date. Keep probiotics in the refrigerator until you use them. There are high-end probiotics out there that are actually shipped from the factory in ice to preserve their potency. I have begun avoiding yogurt, but do look for non-dairy kinds occasionally, as well as non-dairy kefir as a probiotic drink.

      My current dairy substitutes are rice milk and hemp milk. Your veggie list looks similar to mine, but what about kale? I have invented many "interesting" ways to prepare kale (mainly so it doesn't taste like kale), and it can be included in your juicing regimen if you are doing that (if you aren't you might want to start ). To me the downside of juicing is loss of fiber, but the upside is the delivery of highly concentrated phytonutrients.

      You might also consider a book I recently got called Anti-Arthritis, Anti-Inflammation Cookbook, by Gary Null. It is a vegetarian cookbook with anti-inflammation recipes, and also contains sections on anti-inflammation supplements and food avoidance.

      For me, none of this is a miracle cure, at least not in the short-term. I have good days and bad days, but I think nutrition can create more good days and maybe make the bad ones less bad.

      Good luck,



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        Oh, thank you!
        I have tried kale, I made some Kale Chips a few days ago. But I just can't stand the smell/taste. I tried to eat some but they just aren't my foods..
        And as for probiotics, I bought some Ensure protein shakes with probiotics- would those work?
        I also take vitamins every day to make sure I don't get deficient on the important vitamins and minerals. I eat 2 Brazil nuts each day too, to keep a steady supply of selenium and other nutrients they pack in
        I sometimes drink some microfiltered, ozonated spring water I got from the "natural" section of the grocery store and use fluoride-free toothpaste to detoxify the fluoride from my body
        I will look up those books you suggested and maybe purchase them on a kindle to read
        I eat rice bread sometimes, with chia seeds as one of the ingredients
        I also have another question. My diet is mainly fruits and nuts- I can eat 3-4 apples, 1-2 cups of grapes, 1-3 cups of strawberries, 1 cup of raspberries, and occasionally a pear of banana or two in one day. As for nuts, I can eat 1-2 cups of almonds and 1-2 cups of cashews in a day, along with my daily 2 Brazil nuts. For veggies, I eat 1/2-1 cup if veggies per day (usually spinach, with a couple baby carrots and some celery) and 2+ cups of gluten-free whole grains. Is my diet too unbalanced? How can I balance it out better?


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          TheBirdKid, you might try using the kale to make a green smoothie like this one :


          I haven't tried it yet but planning to soon, it looks reasonably tasty.

          I also found this 'rosacea diet plan' which might be helpful to you


          Not sure how good it is but it might be worth a look. Are you sure you're getting enough calories? I'm ultra-skinny too and it's the only thing that's put me off committing fully to a 'rosacea-free' diet - I really can't afford to lose any weight at all.

          Sorry you have to deal with all of this at such a young age


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            Ok, I'll look at the kale smoothies an the rosacea diet stuff..
            I'm pretty sure I get enough calories, I eat a lot for a person my size. I too am very skinny but I've always quite small. Switching to my rosacea diet has caused me to loose about 8-10 pounds but it's been pretty stable since. I'm trying to gain weight by increasing my intake of healthy fats like flaxseed, almonds, and cashews. I also drink some protein shakes to help me put on some pounds! But I'm still adjusting my diet, so I do need to change things still :b


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              Adding kale to a salad: place a small amount of apple cider vinegar in the bottom of a bowl, maybe a tablespoon at most. Tear the kale into smaller pieces, and remove any stems, then put the kale in the bowl and mix around to coat with the vinegar. the idea is just coat the kale with the vinegar, don't drown it. Let it sit for 3 - 5 minutes, then mix the kale with lettuce, spinach and other adds, carrots, broccoli, etc. Add salad dressing, I suggest sticking to an oil-based type, not a cream-based since I am not sure how well the latter would mix with the vinegar coating on the kale.

              I will see if I can get another recipe from my daughter, that one has apples in it and is very tasty.

              Another possibility:

              For kale chips, place a small amount of olive oil and maybe a little salt in a bowl, then mix the kale in the bowl to coat it. Lay that out on a baking sheet and bake until crisp maybe 375 degrees for 5 or 10 minutes - keep an eye on it, should be crisp but not burn. I have only made it a couple times so I am not sure of the exact time. The first time I didn't leave it in long enough and it still had the bitter taste.

              Update on the chia seeds: I have read that they should soak in something like rice milk and then be eaten, don't grind them. I also read don't use them if you have diverticulitis or other type of intestinal issues.

              Update on probiotics: I don't know about the ensure. If it doesn't tell you how much CFU's (colony forming units) are in the dose, then it is likely not enough. Right now I am taking a CVS version of a powder drink comparable to EcoDrink Probiotic. It has 10 billion CFU's at manufacture and I am taking 2 per day. I have some chewables at work that have 1.5 billion and take a couple of those during the day too. I will probably switch off of the powder when I am finished and go to a tablet/capsule.

              Thoughts on diet: watch your triggers, but I would think as a vegetarian you need to get a little more protein in the mix. Beans and rice? Hummus? Check out the diet link posted by fed_up, and check out the library for vegetarian cooking and nutrition.


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                Doesn't taste like kale!


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                  Since i began looking my eating plan i have become more intense, i never had many acne maybe 2 or 3 acne in 7 days with much soreness on the face, some primary and easy workouts for 6 package abs are leg raises, the cedar, and the crisis....