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    Hi all,

    After looking like a bit of a fool ordering green tea at a sports bar, I am looking for a different option. I like to go and watch different types of sport, but with such a limit on what i can/can't/should/shouldn't drink, it is quite inconvenient. I have read that carbonated water/sparkling water is high in alkaline. Is this true? I would be more than happy to order this with a dash of lemon and I will be more than content. However, literature also says to stay away from all carbonated drinks, but i am thinking it may be just because of the sugar content.

    Anyway, hopefully this sparkling water/carbonated water will do the trick.



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    I think its the bar that should look foolish! I'll bet they have shelves groaning under the weight of sugar laden carbonated drinks. There is a sports centre near to here that has a similar bar and so called restaurant.

    Everything the "restaurant" serves comes with chips (fries) and consists of burgers, sausages and all other things that it would best not to know what is in them. The ultimate disgrace for the place (remember it's a sports centre/gym) is a speciality comprising a large serving of chips topped with melted cheese and topped again with mayonnaise.

    Anyway, to the point, sparkling water/carbonated water contains carbon dioxide which is slightly acidic and any alkaline salts will be neutralised to a large extent by this acid. Even so, the salts content of most mineral water is very low (it would be unpalatable if it were otherwise).

    Vichy water and Pellegrino are examples of therapeutic mineral waters which I find very nice to drink and which have a noticeable effect in the intestinal tract. Most others are fairly inert.

    What I particularly like to drink in a bar (I don't drink any alcohol) is a mineral water with a dash or two of Angustura bitters. As well as being a pleasant drink, it avoids people thinking, and asking if, you're drinking just water.

    Angustura bitters is an extract of various herbs and vegetable matter. It is the stuff that makes a pink gin pink. OK, it does contain alcohol but the amount contained per glass of my speciality is negligible.


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      I drink carbonated water every day, usually two, on weekends four or more. In Hawaii the cheapest deal is Safeway seltzer. I am sure in a sports bar you can order seltzer with a splash of lime or lemon.

      By the way, you may be able to tolerate scotch on the rocks or your favorite spirit (without any sugar). Obviously you can't drink several, but you may be able to tolerate one without any flushing or flare ups. Try it.
      Brady Barrows
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        I drink scotch and water on the rocks without any problems. I can't drink beer or wine but no problem having one or two shots of scotch.



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          Thanks guys. I am happy i can stick with drinking it. I haven't taken on any alcohol yet, but it is going to tough drinking scotch. I was a beer drinker, so tough changing sides, if i were to have one.

          Great feedback! Thanks!